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Winter Wonderland


Winter Wonderland Logo
Your Winter Wonderland function will be divided into two sections, as for the previous year’s function. The first will be the pre-drinks area and the second will be the main function area. The pre-drinks area will represent cold Iceland and the main function area will reflect a fairy tale Winter Wonderland, having a warmer, more cosy feel than that of the pre-drinks area. 

Pre Drinks Area 

SA Event Décor will set the mood to welcome your guests, allowing them to meet, greet and mingle, prior to the main event.  

You will have various icy decor elements to enhance your guests’ anticipation for their visit to your wonderland.
This area will be draped in blue to create the look and feel of the icy cold Polar regions. Placed along the side will be silver organza flairs with parcan lights shining upwards, creating an amazing yet icy light effect, like the play of light you will find in the ice fields of the Poles.
In this area, SA Event Decor will place 50 white stretch cocktail tables with small pine trees covered with artificial show as the cocktail centre piece. 
Placed around the cocktail tables will be silver aluminium chairs.
Along the sides of the venue you’ll find 8 large 3 meter pine trees covered with artificial snow These trees will set the scene for an amazingly “real’ feeling themed environment.

Please note - we propose that the venue management does not carpet your function area, because SA Event Decor will be using posisterine snow flakes for the function, creating a perfect snow themed effect on the floors .

Dance Floor

The dance floor will be made up completely in white.  On the outer four corners of the dance floor white trees will be placed.  Strands of clear beads will be suspended from the trees, and the use of lighting effects on the branches, will reflect off the beads.  This gives the appearance of icicles on the branches, enhancing the overall icy décor of the evening. 

Snow Machines

In the Pre-drinks area, SA Event Decor will mount 6 snow machines in the roof. These machines will be controlled by the AV Company and will be switched on when the guests enter the pre drinks area.  They will be switched off once the guests have entered the main function area, and activated again when the DJ opens the dance floor.

Photography Area

Enable your guests to record their spectacular night in your Winter Wonderland, and remember it forever.

For this section, we propose placing our swing, seating the guests to have their photographs taken.  Next to the swing, two green pine trees covered in artificial snow, and 2 white trees will set the scene for their winter themed photo.
Water Curtain
Behind the swing, SA Event Decor will install a stunning, functional water curtain, providing an amazing visual and sound effect.  The lights shining through the water create a reflective, crystal themed effect, preparing you to enter your Winter Wonderland .

Entrance Area

Your guests will enter the main function area through 2 ice themed tunnels, much like walking through ice grotto’s.  Who knows what to expect on the other side?  
SA event Decor will place 4 blue parcan lights inside the tunnels to enhance the icy theme. 

Running through the tunnels, 4 blue carpets add to the blue icy themed effect - you are now walking on blue ice.


At this stage we have created a perfectly themed pre drinks area with an unexpected snowfall coming down from the roof, and the amazing icy decor is complete. The guests are ready to enter their the world of fantasy. 
For the main function area, SA Event Decor will create a more colourful fantasy effect.

Main Function Area

The sides of the venue will be draped in white to set the scene for the backdrops and the props to follow.

Placed on the left and right hand side of the venue will be 2 massive 50 meter backdrops.
These amazing themed backdrops will create an incredible effect as the guests enter the venue, and experience these amazing, larger than life surrounds, and placing them right in the heart of a perfect winter wonderland.

Positioned on the front wall will be another impressive 50 meter backdrop, and on the back wall, we will have 2 large 25 meter backdrops on the left and right hand side of the tunnel.

White Themed trees
Placed throughout the venue will 100 white painted trees.  These trees must be uplit with Parcan lights, executed by the AV company (Parcan lights are not included in the price).
Some of the trees will be placed against the backdrop to create a realistic 3D image.

Stage area
SA Event Decor will provide a white painted stage . Placed at the back of the stage will be white painted trees, once again to be uplit with Parcan lights by the AV company.
Roof Area
To continue the icy, twinkling Winter Wonderland theme, SA Event Decor will suspend strings of fairy lights from one side of the venue’s ceiling to the other. We propose hanging more lights than usual to create a clear, starlit night. 
Positioned at various places in the roof, star shaped cutouts will be installed. This star themed effect will bring an exciting new dimension to the themed function dinner.

Lounge/Chill Area