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Wild West Theme


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The American Western frontier of old, has always held a fascination for people, be it via films, books or documentaries.  Tales involving stage coach or bank robberies, duels at sunrise, cattle drives, range wars, the good vs the bad guys, and characters who became legendary, such as the Earp brothers, Billy the Kid, Geronimo, Annie Oakley, Wild Bill Hickock omnipresent is the cowboy and his horse, whether riding off into the sunset, or stopping at the saloon to quench his thirst. 
 This was the West, and it was Wild.

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Pre Drinks Area 

Pre-drinks Area
Here, your guests will meet to say 'howdy' and enjoy a refreshing drink.

For this area, we propose something more unusual and funky 
These décor elements can also be used inside the venue. 

Placed around this area, a combination of cocktail tables dressed in red or brown stretch table cloths, and wine barrels with hessian overlays, prepare the settin for the evening. Lanterns form the centre pieces on the tables/barrels.

Placed in a focal area, guests will observe our wooden gallows. These gallows can either stand alone or have a hanging mannequin.

Mirror boxes
These unique large hessian covered booths have a mirror inside them, on which is a screen printed sign saying “Wanted”.  Thus, when you look inside the booth you see your own face as “Wanted”.

Photo Area

For the photo area SA Event Décor has two options: 

The first option consists of a cowboy and cowgirl cut-out. The cut-outs are 'headless', consisting of the unit from the shoulders downwards only. Guests place their heads on top of the cut-out and have their picture taken as if their bodies are those of a cowboy or cowgirl

Second option.

This option consists of wooden prop stocks, a form of punishment and humiliation for the guilty. Head and arms are placed into the stocks, whereafter your photograph is taken.

The pre drinks area can be detailed in various ways.

The area can be draped in hessian with hay bales as detail or detailed by means of a themed backdrop to set the scene of a Wild West town. 

These two units can also be used combined as props inside and outside the venue.

Cocktail tables


Seating Plan Display


Entrance Area

The entrance area will be draped in hessian, and guests enter through our Lucky Lady saloon doors. These swing doors create the effect of entering a real western saloon.
Note the white and black check overlays on the outside tables, which provide detail and atmosphere to the entrance.

A second entrance option is placing a canyon wall inside the doorway. This canyon wall can either be built as a straight or curved tunnel, creating the effect of walking on the floor of a towering canyon. 

This wall is detailed with hessian and artificial rocks, creating a more authentic effect. 

Main Function Area

Venue Décor


Once again, the possibilities are endless.


We recommend that the veneu be draped in cream or brown, with hessian draping at various intervals, creating the rustic, outdoor setting and look required for this theme.


Backdrops and Food Station/s

The size of this section depends on the number of guests, and it will be customised to work for a small or large event, ensuring that both visually and operationally, it functions effectively.

SA Event Décor has various Wild West themed backdrops, extending the overall décor

Gun duel 9 x 3 metres

Saloon 3 x 6 metres

Buffet area:

For the buffet area we create this authentic looking western food stations, which.SA Event Décor has custom built.

Each food station is different and is complete with its own lights and power points, ready for use.

From the top of the food station to the top of the venue we suggest draping fairy lights, creating the effect of starry, evening skies. The back of each food station is draped in Hessian, creating an outdoor rustic effect.
Roof Area

Stage area

The possibilities for a stage area are endless, and should clients have additional ideas, we will gladly incorporate these, by either changing décor around or creating an entirely new concept.

Positioned at the rear of the stage, a stunning backdrop of mountains and an Indian chief provides effective detail.

The front of the stage is detailed with hessian, actual saddles and sheriff's badges.

The perimeter of the stage will be surrounded by gum poles, to forming a terrace area. Upon these poles, we place the saddles and affix a cut-out of horses, thereby creating a corral.

The horse cut-outs can also be used in various other sections of the venue.

Table décor

There are various options available for the centre pieces and table decor for this theme.
The first option consists of a cowboy boot, hat and a tequila bottle; this centrepiece is detailed with dried grass and hessian. The tables are dressed in black tablecloths, and completed with a black and white check overlay. Wooden under plates designate each place setting, and the table décor is finished with cream serviettes. Chairs are dressed in black and are detailed with black and white check chair sashes. 

The second option displays a Stetson hat, placed onto a tequila bottle, and is detailed with hessian to enhance the Wild West theme. For this table option, the tables are dressed in red,  detailed with black and white check overlays, reed under plates, and this table décor is completed with red serviettes. Chairs are dressed in black, detailed with black and white check chair sashes.

The third table option features a tepee centrepiece, which is placed onto a hessian overlay, surrounded by three round white candles – the campfires around the tepee.  The tables are dressed in brown with black serviettes, detailed with ribbon and a feather. Chairs are dressed in brown covers, and  the overall décor is completed with black chair sashes detailed with a feather on each.

The fourth table option utilises square tables.  These tables are dressed in brown table cloths, with brightly checked overlays.  The table décor is completed with brown serviettes, detailed with a reed serviette ring. The centrepiece reflects the Wild West theme by adding a sombrero and a cactus in a tin bucket, completed with a small guitar.  3 candles are used for this centrepiece. Chairs are dressed in black and detailed with hessian chair sashes.

The fifth table option makes use of a dream catcher centrepiece placed onto a hessian overlay; with three white round candles surrounding the dream catcher. Tables are dressed in brown; and feature wooden under plates with black serviettes, detailed with a feather.

Prop Décor 

For a truly Wild West scene, low round tables are placed within the venue, around which hay bales are situated.  Each bale of hay has a bright picnic blanket placed onto it to continue the rustic, 'camping on the prairie'  impression of this setting.

A Wild West cowboy centrepiece can be seen here, which is placed 
onto an American flag for a Truly Wild West theme.

Here the chair detail makes use of a Hessian tie back detailed
with a small dream catcher to continue the overall theme.

The serviette is detailed with a feather for a true cowboy and Indian

Lounge/Chill Area