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Under The Sea Theme


Under the Sea Theme Logo
For many folk, nothing compares with the seaside as a holiday destination.  Mysterious creatures from this underwater world are still being discovered by marine biologists.  Disney has produced hit movies having undersea locations and themes.  Mankind still wonders about the vanished city of Atlantis ...... and mermaids ......
SA Event Décor will create a clean blue, and beautiful undersea environment for your themed function, an event you and your guests will remember for many years.

Pre Drinks Area 

We have two options for this area, which is where your guest start their evening.  They enjoy a warm welcome with a drink and a chat before proceeding into the main venue for their function.
1.  Tall, elegant cocktail tables are covered with full length, crushed blue velvet table cloths, over which black netting is placed.  This netting is detailed with shells, already setting the nautical theme.  A large, round ball candle will be centred on each cocktail table.
2.  The pre-dinner drinks area forms part of the entrance into the main venue - please see Item 2 below - Entrance.

Foyer area Draping

Cocktail tables


Seating Plan Display


Entrance Area

This is the actual 'doorway' to the main venue, and will be beautifully designed to enhance the undersea impression and mood.  Here, there are also two options.
1.  You enter the main area through an opening which is built to resemble a shark's gaping mouth - you are swallowed by a shark. 
Behind this, SA Event Décor builds a tunnel, draped with a special, shiny blue netting, which hangs in folds, so that it looks like rippling water.  With lighting provided on the outer side of the netting, the underwater illusion is further enhanced.
2. Depending on the size of the venue and the number of guests, we build an extremely long tunnel, which houses the pre-dinner drinks area inside the tunnel walls.
The tunnel consists of draping and lighting as above, Item 1.
Wine barrels, detailed with hessian, are placed along the sides of the long tunnel.  Each barrel holds a single, round candle.  
In order to keep your guests in suspense, we build a curving, half moon shaped 'rocky' wall, finished with hessian, at the far end of the tunnel, so that no one can see into the venue area without walking through the entire tunnel and past the curved 'rock' face. 

Main Function Area

SA Event Décor drapes the walls in the same blue, shiny netting as is used in the entrance tunnel area - you have not surfaced, but are still under the sea, as when you entered.
This blue netting also forms a most effective backdrop for the cut out décor elements, which are fixed to the netting - sharks, dolphins and many other species of fish, large and small.  Where these creatures are attached to the netting, a gathering technique is used, so that the shiny seawater (netting) appears to be rippling and moving due to the passage of the fish. 
'Rock' walls will also be positioned at intervals in the room.  Cut outs are used, since these give a more realistic underwater feel, than the effect that would be given by the use of painted backdrops. 
Cut outs of 'coral' and netting will be used throughout the venue..
Roof Area

Stage area

A stage and/or DJ area, is created to resemble a desert island, emphasising the nautical atmosphere. 
Here, SA Event Décor will use a backdrop at the rear of the stage, depicting an island in the middle of the ocean.  The island will be decorated and detailed with artificial rocks, palm trees, hessian and other props, which enhance the desert island scene.  Also at the rear of the stage, black draping, detailed with seagull cut outs, create a perception of distance, with gulls swooping.
A 'Neptune" stretch shape can be placed above the stage area (optional addition)..

Table décor

Table décor will be crisp and clean, reflecting the purity of water.
Blue, crushed velvet cloths cover the tables - the crushed velvet softly glowing in different hues of blue, as light catches the draped sides of the cloths.  Netting overlays are placed over the table cloths, creating the look and feel of fishing nets.  Blue serviettes and chairs covers form part of the waterworld.  Shiny, clear glass under plates designate each individual's place at the table, and artificial moss under the glass, adds authenticity - a touch of 'seaweed'.
Fresh, sparkling organza silver sashes dress the chair backs, and provide a crystal clear water effect on the table centres, as overlays which will accommodate the centre pieces.

The silver organza table overlay is artistically scrunched in the centre of the table, almost as if it were a rippling pool of water. 
Upon this, SA Event Décor will place a large, clear glass vase, which resembles an oversized brandy snifter.  In the bottom of this vase, we place glass pebbles, which will shine, twinkle and sparkle in light provided by the placement of tiny battery-operated lights, hiding in the folds of the organza.
The vase is filled with water, within which glass fish appear to be swimming (they are actually attached to and suspended from floating glass bubbles).  They also add just a hint of colour to the tables.
Silver menu holders add the finishing touch.
A second centre piece option is as above, but without the vase.  The figure of a dolphin is used as the main element of the centre piece in place of the vase and its contents

Prop Décor 


Lounge/Chill Area