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Spring Theme


Spring is the most eagerly awaited season of all.  Its multi-coloured blossoms, fresh green sprouting from every branch and twig, bird song, longer daylight hours, and a sense of awakening, new life and renewal, abounds.  The scents and colours of Spring are a joy to all the the senses.
If a fresh, light and colourful setting is exactly what you desire for your function or event, SA Event Décor will create the very thing for you and your guests to enjoy. 

Pre Drinks Area 

Welcome and refresh your guests in a bright setting, preparing them for the main event.
SA Event Décor will position smart stretch covered cocktail tables in this area.  The tables may either be covered in white stretch fabric, and have various different coloured lights within, which not only provides a subtle glow, but also gives the appearance of having used different stretch cloths, or the tables can be covered in different coloured stretch cloths, and be lit with a round ball candle in the table centre.  A scattering of flowers and petals provide detailing.
A garden swing, detailed with ribbons, greenery and flowers, can be added to this area, and this can also serve as an effective setting for guests to have their photographs taken.  Behind the swing, a large  3 x 3 metre backdrop depicting Namaqualand's flower carpet will be installed.

Foyer area Draping


Cocktail tables


Seating Plan Display


Entrance Area

Leading from the pre-dinner section into the venue, we continue building on the Spring theme and atmosphere.
The doorway will be draped in white and detailed with bright, spring coloured additional draping.  The front of the entrance's draping will be detailed with fairy lights, giving festive sparkle in a light, delicate décor statement.  White netting is draped over the white drapes, so that these sections can be detailed with scattered flowers and greenery.  One walks through a twinkling 'garden' archway. 

Main Function Area

SA Event Décor suggests white draping, accentuated with various coloured drapes for the main venue.  White draping with accents of additional green draping is also a most effective Spring alternative.  Impressive 2 metre tall flower cut outs are placed at the sides of the venue, and these are detailed with green to enhance the effect of verdant new growth.
White netting over white wall drapes can also provide stunning detail and texture, when flowers and bits of foliage are placed on the netting. 
Should the venue have columns inside, we will drape these in white, with fairy lights below the draping, which converts these columns into a spectacular feature.  Again, white netting is draped over this, and detailed with flowers and foliage, making a beautiful décor statement - light and bright, yet elegant and smart.
Roof Area

Stage area

We have a selection of stages of different sizes and shapes for your selection.  Besides placing a custom-painted 4 x 10 metre backdrop depicting a flower scene behind the stage, we dress the area around the stage to continue the spring theme and look.
At the sides of the stage, 8 flower cut outs ranging in height from 2.4 metres to smaller, are placed in descending size with the tallest at the back.  These descending sizes give the entire stage area a lovely, and more realistic three-dimensional effect.

Table décor

We have two table décor options.
Table are covered with full length, brightly coloured cloths, eg red, pink, yellow, orange and blue.  On each table, a green overlay is decoratively scrunched up in the centre, following through with the impression of fresh growth.  White serviettes are entwined with green, and detailed with a flower.  Glass under plates, with a small flower under the glass on each corner, detail place settings in a wonderfully refreshing manner.
Chairs are covered in white, and dressed with green organza sashes around chair backs.
Tables are all draped in white full length cloths, with different coloured, smaller cloths overlaying the white.  Silver under plates denote individual place settings, and serviettes are white over which silver detailing is entwined.
Chairs are covered in white, and chair backs are finished with broad silver organza sashes.

Centre Piece
SA Event Décor presents a striking and innovative centre piece, enhancing the fresh, natural elements of Spring.
In the centre of the table, we place a round mirror.  Upon this, a clear stand, reaching a height of 600mm, is positioned - this converts your centre piece into a stunning feature, whilst the height ensures that the arrangement in not intrusive to seated guests. 
Glass pebbles are placed in a clear glass rose bowl, which is then filled with small flowers, such as daisies, and the bowl is positioned on the stand.  The daisies are loosely arranged to face both down- and upwards, so that the Spring floral effect is seen in its full bloom, both when guests are seated and standing.  Three martini glasses, each containing a floating candle, surround the centre piece, and additional detailing with ribbon, matching the table cloth, adds dimension and texture around the centre piece

Prop Décor 


Lounge/Chill Area