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Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme


Pirates of the Caribbean Theme logo
Seeking hidden treasure, treasure maps, and the image of swashbuckling pirates, hard living men, sailing under the harshest of conditions, and the cobalt oceans which they traversed, have long been the stuff of legendary tales and the romance of the high seas.  From the mythical time of Captain Hook, and the notoriously cruel Captain Blackbeard, this fascination with pirates continues to this day, most lately with Johnny Depp's movies, all entitled "Pirates of the Caribbean.....".  
Allow SA Event Décor create an ever popular, mysterious pirate's den for your memorable function.

Pre Drinks Area 

Yo ho ho - it does not have to consist of only a bottle of rum, as per the old sea shanty.  We create a themed area to welcome your guests with a pre-dinner drink, and encourage their sense of anticipation for the main event.
Here, SA Event Décor will drape cocktail tables in a rough hessian material, and provide detailing with lanterns, pieces of bark, gold, candles, palm props and similar objects, which might be found around pirates' coves.
Alternatively, wine barrels detailed with hessian, silver lanterns, and/or candles, also make a wonderful piratical statement.

Foyer area Draping

Cocktail tables


Seating Plan Display


Entrance Area

Here, we place a gallows prop, with the pirates' skull and cross bones topping the gallows.  The actual entrance is created with artificial rocks and palm trees, and the doorway holds a pair of louvre doors, one of which hangs askew on its hinges, creating a typical run-down, 'rough and ready' appearance.  The doorway is topped with a depiction of crossed swords.  On one side of the doorway, a tall silver candelabra bearing candles, adds a special effect.  Artificial spider webs are draped over some items, enhancing the air of years of unkempt living and neglect.
An alternative entrance, being a black draped tunnel, can also be constructed, providing available budget allows for this.  Wine barrels, lit with round ball candles and detailed with hessian, appear along the sides of the tunnel, also ensuring an amazing, mysterious entrance.  The tunnel can alternatively be draped with shiny blue netting, which is detailed with lighting in such a way that the look and feel is that of being under water.  A half moon shaped rocky wall can also be built, so that entering guests cannot see the inside of the venue, until they've negotiated the walk. 

Main Function Area

The sides only will be draped in special, shiny blue netting, setting a lovely nautical backdrop. 
This netting can additionally be detailed with fish cut-outs, if you require more of an undersea look.  These consist of about 10 different fish species, which are of varying sizes - from 2 metres in length to smaller sizes.  In keeping with the accentuated undersea atmosphere, artificial rocks and seaweed are positioned at intervals.
At various intervals within the venue, SA Event Décor will hang black netting from the ceiling.  Attached to this netting, valuables and items of stolen treasure are randomly positioned - golden vases, coins, and pirates' hats to name but a few of these items.
To convert this element to even more of an undersea look, fibre optic lighting may optionally be added to highlight the treasure caught in the netting.
Along the left side of the venue, we place the mast of a ship, leaning at an angle and creating the impression that a sunken ship is buried below it.  The mast is festooned with painted flags, some of which carry pirate symbols and insignia.
Another alternative décor option, is the placement along the longer walls of the venue, of two sunken ships - one being a pirate ship and the other, a colonial vessel.
These ships have supposedly sunk during their mutual battle.  Kindly note that these ships are flat cut outs, and are not three dimensional. 
Flags, depicting pirates, parrots, skulls and various associated emblems, are placed informally around the venue, as are palm trees and wine barrels.
Bar Counters
Because your chosen theme is that of Caribbean pirates, two bar counters form an essential part of your décor.
SA Event Décor will build a bar counter on each side of the venue.  These will have an unkempt, neglected appearance, as one might find at an old, scruffy and run down beach bar.  Palm trees, wine barrels and 'driftwood' logs will be scattered near the bar counters and throughout the venue, providing the wonderful scene of a pirates' hide-out, on a treasure island.
Roof Area

Stage area

SA Event Décor offers a choice of stages of different shapes and sizes.  These will be dressed with themed décor elements. 
Use of our exclusive star curtain at the stage area, or elsewhere within the venue, is highly recommended for a Pirates of the Caribbean event.  This large black curtain contains fibre optic lights, which provide a stunning, twinkling starlit sky effect.

Table décor

Tables are draped in rich blue crushed velvet cloths, which subtly reflect various shades and tones of blue within the softly hanging folds.
Over these cloths, we place black netting overlays, which are detailed with shells and various other small nautical items.  Serviettes are blue.
Where budget allows, we could place delicate fibre optic lighting in the black netting, creating an incredibly unusual and attractive focal element.  These fibre optic lights can also be connected to an operating system, which enables them to switch on and off, creating even more sparkle and twinkle, but this option carries more additional costs than having static fibre optic lights in the netting.
Chairs are covered in blue, with rope detailing across the chair backs.
A random variety of under plates is suggested, since pirates were a rough bunch of men, who saw no value in fancy tableware.  Under plates of gold, silver, black (wooden), and glass are suggested.  Different pictures of pirate emblems are placed beneath glass under plates.  Under plates are detailed with artificial moss, creating a wonderful impression of dried seaweed.
Centre Pieces
SA Event Décor suggests a number of different centre pieces, all enhancing the pirate theme.  The client may select one to use throughout, or a combination of some or all.  All centre pieces are detailed with candles placed in bottles.  Some centre pieces are detailed with rope and spider webs.
This centre piece consists of a skull placed on a piece of driftwood, with additional detailing around the base.  This is very effective when using glass under plates.
Gold bars are placed on top of a small treasure chest, around which additional detailing is provided.  This option is best showcased with the use of gold under plates.
A  nine candle, tall silver candelabra is placed on a hessian overlay in the table centre.  The candelabra is draped with pearls and beads, indicative of a precious treasure trove, and wooden under plates are positioned on pieces of hessian.
This centre piece comprises a pirate's dagger, standing upright in a piece of driftwood.  Silver under plates pick up on the silver dagger blade.
Silver under plates at each place setting, accompany a round mirror, centrally placed on the table.  Upon the mirror, a treasure chest rests, detailed with pearls..

Prop Décor 


Lounge/Chill Area