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Phantom Of The Opera Theme


Reputed to first have been published in late 1909 to early 1910, the Phantom of the Opera was a story written by a Frenchman, Gaston Leroux.  A film was produced in 1925, a stage musical in 1976, and then the best loved Andrew Lloyd Webber musical made the Phantom a worldwide favourite in 1986.
The setting is the Paris Opera House of the late 19th to early 20th century, filled with the mystery and suspense created by hidden passages and chambers, smoky gas light and the quintessential plot - a love triangle - a beautiful, talented and struggling heroine, a horribly disfigured and masked phantom, and the girl's old love, who re-emerges. 
It is this mystical atmosphere which SA Event Décor will create for your function - one which will be remembered by all as the event of their year, or longer

Pre Drinks Area 

Here, you meet your guests and welcome them with a drink, enabling them to socialise and get into the party mood, without feeling that they are waiting for others yet to arrive.
Setting the mood for the old Paris Opera, red and black stretch covered cocktail tables which are lit from within, provide a welcoming but subtle glow, giving the feel and mood of gas light.  Tables are centred with appropriately sized centre pieces, further enhancing the old world atmosphere.

Foyer area Draping


Cocktail tables


Seating Plan Display


Entrance Area

The entrance to an opera house just has to include a red carpet.  SA Event Décor details this red carpet with black stanchions, joined with red ropes.  A giant mask, beautifully lit and placed between the cocktail area and entrance, provides a focal point and as with all face masks, begs the question:  Who is behind it?
The red carpet leads guests to the actual doorway - an incredible black draped tunnel, detailed with fairy lights, through which guests must pass, as though negotiating a dimly lit tunnel deep inside the immense old opera house.  The arched entry to the tunnel is draped in red fabric detailed with a light crystal bead curtain, very much in keeping with the décor at the turn the 19th century. 

Main Function Area

Your guests now enter the main opera house ballroom.  It is old:  it has a history and an air of mystery and dark corners.
The entire venue is first draped in black fire-retardant material, ensuring that your opera house maintains its mood of age, intimacy of a bygone era, and a perfect surface for optimal display of Phantom of the Opera backdrops and props. 
Over this black draping, along one wall, gathered red draped sections, much like curtains, are placed at regular intervals.  These red curtains are gently lit up from below, again giving the perception of gas light, gas fires and gas stage lights of a bygone era.
Between the red curtains, and in front of the black draping, huge square white stretch shapes are affixed.  Immediately in front of these white squares, large theatrical masks are centrally positioned.  These are lit from behind, creating breathtaking masked phantom surroundings and shadows.  This effect is truly stunning, and serves to enhance all the other décor which follows.
Roof Area

Stage area

SA Event Décor offers a selection of stage options, both round and square.  As a stage backdrop to this Phantom of the Opera theme, our exclusive star curtain is a winner.  In front of this twinkling curtain, an enormous backlit mask backdrop is placed, in such a way that the curtain holding it, can be centrally opened, thus splitting the mask's face into two halves.  This provides an unexpectedly dramatic entrance for the MC or other.

Table décor

Round dining tables are covered with full length, back crushed velvet cloths.  This fabric adds texture and differing black shades and hues.
Either a bright red organza runner across the table, or crumpled red organza in the centre of the table is added, lending more colour and dimension.
Silver under plates, some with detailed sparkling edges, denote each individual place setting.  Upon these, black serviettes with red organza detailing, folded into silver serviette rings, are placed, adding colour and sparkle.  Red goblets enhance the ambiance of a time long departed.
Chairs are covered in black, and chair backs are detailed with broad, elegant red organza sashes, or tasseled silver ropes.

Centre Pieces
SA Event Décor presents stunning themed centre piece options, all uniquely designed to beautify the Phantom's ballroom.  
In the centre of either the red runner or the crumpled organza round, a full face, three dimensional jeweled mask is placed.   These masks wear a jester-like headdress, displaying various colours.  The masks are surrounded with black and/or red feather boa's.  From the centre of the masked "head", a tall, clear glass cylindrical vase rises up, containing a few simple seasonal flowers, cut at varying lengths.  Martini glass type vases hold T-light candles, adding a twinkle of reflected light.
Alternatively, the masks can rest on round mirrors, the centres of which are detailed with black feather boa's.  The mirrors are additionally detailed with scatterings of crystals and T-light candles, contained in martini type, stemmed glasses. 
As another option, a tall silver or glass candelabra, may be placed on the round mirror, which is detailed similarly to those above.  The candelabras feature hanging crystal beads, and hold candle-flame shaped lights, again enhancing the soft lighting of the times.

Prop Décor 


Lounge/Chill Area

A wide selection of these elements and furnishings is on offer, and SA Event Décor looks forward to discussing your requirements with you in this, or any other regard..