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Oscars Night Theme


Oscars – the mere word instantly evokes images of famous film stars dressed in designer finery, glamour, red carpets and the rich and famous who managed to get an invitation to attend this event, which is eagerly anticipated and watched by millions worldwide.
Then there is the speculation about winners from amongst the nominated movies and their stars, and all movie-goers individually have their own favourites, spurred on by the media frenzy - months before the actual event.

SA Event Décor will transform your event into your own phenomenal Oscar Evening – the hottest ticket in town!

Generous use of smart, formal black red and gold, forms the colour basis of your function, which will be detailed throughout to provide that essence of movie world glamour and glitz.

Please note that SA Event Décor can also further customise this or any other themed function, in consultation with you... 

Pre Drinks Area 

The focal point of your welcoming pre-drinks and entrance area, is the red carpet, with a stanchion roped off walkway on each side of the carpet, along which your esteemed guests will walk into the venue, a la Hollywood VIPs.  This after having been bid “welcome” with a drink, served in the areas on either side of the roped off red carpet.  These areas will be dressed with cocktail tables draped in black cloths with red overlays.  Each table will enhance your Oscar theme by having a gold candelabra centre piece with 8 candles, providing a glamorous, welcoming glow.

The actual entrance will consist of a framed doorway with the famous “Hollywood” sign above, and movie reel detailing on the sides.  Rope lighting adds drama and additional detailing.  On the sides of the doorway, 2 large cutouts of Oscar himself lend stature and presence.

Foyer area Draping


Cocktail tables


Seating Plan Display


Entrance Area


Main Function Area

Upon entering the venue, your guests will face the backdrop of a stage, framed by opulent curtaining, and featuring depicted steps leading up onto the “stage”.  Speeches can be made in front of this backdrop, giving the impression of “on-stage” Oscar speeches.
The function area will be draped around the sides in black, fire-retardant black drapes, providing an immediate intimate and sophisticated surround.  Red and gold scalloping will finish the top of the draping.
Unexpectedly adding to the sophisticated glamour, red and white roses, suspended upside down from the ceiling, are an additional detailing option. 

An alternative backdrop option which you may consider, is having the 2 side walls draped in black, with gold strip detailing to enhance the black draping.  Each of these backdrops will depict a 3 metre x 4 metre, portrait style picture of a movie icon, eg Charlize Theron, Bruce Willis, Marilyn Monroe, Sean Connery, Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie.
These huge backdrops are printed (not painted), making them more realistic, and look stunning when taking the height of the venue into account.

Gold overlays on tables may also be used, instead of the stars' pictures.
Roof Area

Stage area


Table décor

Each table is a striking focal point in itself.  Tables will be dressed in full length, richly opulent red and black velvet table cloths.  On top of the velvet cloths, each table will have a painted picture of a famous movie icon – one table will feature Charlize Theron, one features Bruce Willis, another may be Denzel Washington, and so on.  Over these painted pictures, SA Event Décor will place a round, clear perspex cover, giving the impression of glass covered portraits.

Gold underplates designate each individual place setting.
Black serviettes with gold detailing add to the elegance of the setting.

Table centre pieces emphasize Oscar's presence.  A centrally placed 600mm tall Oscar, detailed with dramatic red roses arranged around its base, or a flat Oscar, detailed with movie reels and red roses, will alternate as centre pieces on the tables.

Chairs will be dressed with black covers, and have gold and red sash detailing, linking the seating beautifully with the opulent table settings.

Prop Décor 


Lounge/Chill Area

SA Event Décor can provide a selection of bar counters, settings and décor elements, appropriately lit to ensure correct serving of drinks.
A selection of couches and lounge chairs is also available, should you wish to provide this for your guests.