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Moulin Rouge Theme


Moulin Rouge Logo
From its opening in 1889 at the foot of the Montmatre hill, the Moulin Rouge is to this very day a "must see" for millions of visitors to Paris, and remains a French landmark, initially identifiable from some distance, by its windmill.  In its early days, people from all walks of life frequented the Moulin Rouge, and it was a favourite destination of artists, particularly Toulouse-Lautrec, who captured many of the dancers in his works.  The Moulin Rouge not only represented beauty and entertainment, but was also the birthplace of the Can-Can.  Many movies have been made and books written about this iconic French venue.
What better selection as a theme for your next function?  SA Event Décor provides a very elegant décor scheme for this theme, as a departure from the expected deep red colour scheme, although a more colourful, red-based setting can also be provided, should you so wish 

Pre Drinks Area 

A mix of red and yellow covered stretch cocktail tables, lit from within by par can lights, provides a warm, colourful glowing setting, where your guests are greeted with a welcoming drink in the case of the red overall decor scheme.  If the more avant garde colour scheme is selected, cocktails tables will be covered with white stretch cloths, likewise lit from within, and be detailed with brown overlays.  In both cases, tables are detailed with small, informal  bunches of flowers placed in glass vases.  Moulin Rouge backdrops announce the theme.
A photography area can be designated to the side of this area, where guests can record their presence at this event.

Foyer area Draping


Cocktail tables


Seating Plan Display


Entrance Area

SA Event Décor are masters in the art of tunnel building, and this is the suggested entrance for your Moulin Rouge evening.
We construct a 3 metre tunnel, draped in black material.  The tunnel interior is detailed with red or white fabric, depending on the base colour chosen for the event.  Fairy lights are draped throughout the tunnel, adding subtle sparkle and dimension.
Leading up to the tunnel entrance, a red carpet with feather detailed stanchions, show the way. 

Main Function Area

The venue will be draped with black, fire-retardant treated material, providing an effective background for themed Moulin Rouge backdrops, which are utilised throughout, and add a close air of intimacy, essential to such a setting.
Roof Area

Stage area

We illustrate a square stage, detailed at each side of the steps with large cut-outs of vintage cars, reminiscent of the earlier days of the Moulin Rouge's existence.
SA Event Décor can also offer a semi-circular stage, should you prefer this.  Our exclusive star curtain, added at the rear of the stage, maximises the intimate, night time entertainment element.  The lights which are scattered throughout this curtain, can also be set to switch off and on, in various light colours in addition to white light.
The light curtain can also be positioned elsewhere against the venue draping.

Table décor

Tables and Chairs - Brown
SA Event Décor's innovative take on the Moulin Rouge theme, dresses the dinner tables in rich, deep brown cloths, which form a magnificent base colour for all the other setting components.  White serviettes, detailed with brown ribbon, and the venue's white crockery, are displayed to perfection.  Glass under plates pick up on the sparkle of clear wine glasses.
Chairs are dressed with white stretch covers, and broad brown organza sashes, smartly tied over chair backs, provide both contrast and a match with the table settings in sophisticated elegance.
Centre Piece
A very tall, clear glass bud vase is filled with clear, shiny glass pebbles.  On top of this, we place an arrangement of pure, white feathers, which gives the impression of a white, feathered palm tree.  Set upon the brown cloth with white accents, these centre pieces transform the entire venue into a breathtaking setting.
Tables and Chairs - Red/Black
Red cloths grace the dining tables.  Square glass under plates or round, black under plates with trimmed edges, designate each place setting.  Red serviettes are finished with black organza and black ribbon. 
Alternatively, for an even more dramatic effect, table are draped in black cloths, with serviettes detailed as above.
In both red and black base colour choices, chairs are covered in smart, understated black, with chair backs detailed with funky red feather boa's.

Centre Pieces  
You may choose between two centre piece options:-
1  A tall bud vase is filled with clear glass pebbles, and this is topped with red feathers, in a palm-like arrangement, or you may have multi-coloured feathers, should you require a brighter centre piece.
2  A clear hurricane vase containing a candle is placed in the centre of the table.  The base of the vase is detailed with a red feather boa, enhancing the frivolous gaiety of the Moulin Rouge theme

Prop Décor 


Lounge/Chill Area