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Moroccan Theme


Let SA Event Décor transport you and your guests away to this fabled corner of Northern Africa - Morocco, with its souks and bazaars, where tribal hostilities were suspended whilst free trade of surplus goods took place. Spices and mystical place names like Rabat and Casablanca name just a few of Morocco's treasures.

Pre Drinks Area 

This area where your guests gather over welcoming drinks upon their arrival, will be stylishly set up with stunning cocktail tables, covered in red stretch fabric.  The edges of the table tops are detailed with crystal fringes, reflecting twinkling light.  Oriental lanterns and small stretch palm trees form subtle centre pieces, which prepare guests for the main theme which follows.  Large stretch palm trees arranged about this area, have their trunks formed in striking gold, which creates an amazing effect.  Large, beautiful desert scene backdrops enhance this welcoming gathering place.

Foyer area Draping


Cocktail tables


Seating Plan Display


Entrance Area

A softly flowing white draped archway leads into the main venue, which is approached via a red carpet.  Touches of red fabric and fairy light draping enhance the white drapes, and emphasise the warmth of your hospitality.  A shimmering bead curtain gently parts as guest pass through.  Palm trees, pots and urns detail the carpet and sides of the archway. 

Main Function Area

SA Event Décor firstly drapes the main venue in black, fire-retardant material, which offsets the other elements to perfection, and intimately encloses the venue.
Gathered "curtains" of red draping are installed at intervals against the black draping, and these sections are lit upwards from within, leaving the impression of fire and braziers.  Desert skies and dunes, camels, some in silhouette, and oases are artistically depicted on backdrops, which are affixed to the black base draping. 
Gazebo or awning like "shelters" are constructed with sheer white draping fabric, detailed with splashes of red.  These house small, low tables and seating cushions on the floor, in true desert tent style.  A few of these arrangements around the edges of the venue, form breathtakingly lovely, informal relaxation areas.
Roof Area
Optional ceiling draping may also be included, to magnificent effect, displaying the jewel and spice colours which are so integral to Arabian and Berber peoples.

Stage area


Table décor

There are a few different table décor options for your consideration - all of them wonderfully effective as part of your Moroccan themed party.
Sage/Grey Tables
Tables are draped with sage/grey crushed velvet cloths, which add beautiful texture and opulence.  Gold under plates display to perfection with gold detailed sage/grey serviettes resting upon them.
Chair backs are covered in the same crushed velvet, and are edged with gold fringed braid.
SA Event Décor's innovatively designed centre piece consists of a section of gold organza arranged below a raised clear, square glass platform.  Upon the raised glass, another smaller gold organza arrangement has a small blue container, an "oasis" nestled in the centre, surrounded by miniature palm trees.  The entire centre piece gently depicts desert sands, and the essential oasis, without which desert travelers would not survive.
Blue Tables
Whether one associates these blue crushed velvet table cloths with a desert oasis or the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea, blue is another colour which effectively creates a Moroccan theme.  Blue serviettes are detailed with white and gold, and form a stunning display.
Chair backs are covered in the same blue crushed velvet as the tables, and are finished with fringed gold braid as before.
The centre piece is also as that described for the sage/grey tables, but may also be substituted by any others, which follow.  
White Tables
For this scheme, white table cloths dress the tables.  Gold under plates designate place settings, and serviettes are detailed with red and gold.
Chairs are covered in white, and are finished with gold effects.
SA Event Décor introduces a strikingly different centre piece design on these tables.
A light section of red organza fabric forms the base of the centre piece.  Upon this, a square dark wood tray holds an undulating piece of hessian fabric - roughly textured sand dunes.  In the centre of the hessian filled tray, an Arabic type lantern is surrounded by four small red mosaic pots, each one containing a different spice or herb.
Red Tables
Crushed red velvet cloths lend an air of rich, Arabic opulence to tables.  Gold under plates again feature here, with red serviettes detailed with gold.
Chair backs are dressed in red velvet, which is detailed with gold fringe.
A single organza runner is placed across the centre of the table.  Upon the runner, an oblong glass section holds a long row of glowing T-lights down its centre.
The rest of the glass is detailed with a mixture of scattered dates and raisins, and small yellow/golden flowers.
A variation on the detailing of tables dressed in red can also most effectively be provided by using dark under plates with a marbled effect, and detailing red serviettes with silver.
The centre piece for this option is virtually a work of art.  A round mirror holds a beautifully artistic arrangement, consisting of a detailed calabash lying on its side, topped with an informal collection of a few lilies, from which long, thin green leaves seem to sprout, and overhang the calabash.  Additional detailing and texture in the form of slate chips and a touch of greenery, complete a stunning picture. 
Please note that this Moroccan theme, and any other, can be further or entirely customised to suit your exact requirements.  Additional and totally unique new décor ideas are frequently created by SA Event Décor in consultation with clients.

Prop Décor 


Lounge/Chill Area