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Mardi Gras Theme


Mardi Gras Theme logo
Not only is the Mardi Gras a festive celebration that is eagerly prepared for in New Orleans ,especially in the French Quarter of this city, but tourists worldwide plan their visits to this region to coincide with this magical event.  This celebration was traditionally held on the eve before fasting at Lent. 
The traditional colours of the Mardi Gras are green and purple, and the parade and carnival are associated with ornate masks and costumes, dancing, music, heaps of festive foods, sports competitions, and less conventional behaviour - a 'letting down of hair', a festival.  To all this, one can add the air of mystery and magic associated with New Orleans, seafood, and of course, jazz and blues, notably on Bourbon Street

Pre Drinks Area 

Here, your guests are welcomed upon arrival, with a drink and the opportunity to say 'hello' and mingle, a precursor to their festivities.
For this area, SA Event Décor will provide purple covered stretch cocktail tables, which are lit from within, drawing guests together in an attractive atmosphere.
Carnival themed detailing will be provided, preparing the mood for the theme in the main venue area.
A photographic area can also be installed, so that guests can record their carnival participation.

Foyer area Draping

Cocktail tables


Seating Plan Display


Entrance Area

We suggest using a tunnel entrance, of which SA Event Décor are master builders - this sets the mood, and enhances the feeling of anticipation when guests make their way into the main venue.
The approach to the entrance doorway is clearly designated with a red carpet, having roped stanchions on either side.  These are detailed with brightly coloured feather boas.
The tunnel can be draped in black, with fairy lights detailing the front and strung throughout, creating a mystical mood.
Alternatively, draping of the tunnel can be done by using various brightly coloured materials, also with fairy light detailing.  This creates a beautiful carnival atmosphere. 

Main Function Area

This is the scene of the Mardi Gras festivities, and SA Event Décor will magically transform the space into your carnival scene.
The venue is draped in black as background, with accents of the main colours, green and purple, being draped over the black fabric at suitable intervals.
This is all detailed with many metres of fairy lights, lending their twinkle to the celebrations.  Masks will be randomly hung against the draping to continue the carnival scene.
Roof Area
SA Event Décor will create a spectacular 'ceiling' by using a combination of strings of shiny metallic paper and fairy lights, artistically strung overhead.  These glossy paper strips have fairy lights placed within.  By using a fan, discreetly positioned and directed upwards, the shiny reflective paper will sparkle and twinkle in the moving air, creating beauty and atmosphere with a stunning effect.

Stage area

We offer a selection of stages, square or round, and will detail this in true carnival style, including providing a Mardi Gras themed backdrop.

Bar (optional)
SA Event Décor offers a choice of magnificent bars, round or half round.  These are complete with lighting and a power point.  Additional lighting and themed detailing, such as use of our exclusive star burst light or stretch palm tree with lighting within the leaves, can be used to splendid effect.

Table décor

The tables will be dressed in sumptuous green velvet table clothes, over which we place bright purple overlays, accentuating the carnival's main colours.
Purple serviettes in silver serviette rings, placed upon silver under plates, designate each individual place setting and provide a bright, up-market finish.
Chairs are covered in green, and sport bright purple sashes over the chair backs, fresh and festive.

Prop Décor 

Centre Pieces
Masks are such an integral part of the Mardi Gras, and function beautifully as part of table centre pieces, whilst enhancing the theme of the event, and the mystical question of who/what is hidden behind them.  A mask, detailed below with brightly coloured ribbon and feathers, and surrounded by three round purple candles, adds a wonderfully festive element to the table décor.
Another centre piece alternative, is the use of the lower leg of a mannequin, which is dressed in a fish net stocking, and is detailed with brightly coloured feather boas.
This creates funky, unconventional and fun detail.

Lounge/Chill Area