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Ice Theme


SA Event Decor Ice Theme Logo
Ice skating, Polar ice, white, blue or black ice, ice cubes clinking in a frosty glass on a hot summer's day, or icicles suspended from horizontal objects in a northern hemisphere winter, just the word 'ice' represents something pure and clean - so unlike 'frozen water'.  
SA Event Décor will transform you function venue into a veritable icy wonderland, breathtaking in its visual impact, plus no frostbite, guaranteed.   The pristine shades of blue, white and silver have never looked this good in a décor setting.  Please note that SA Event Décor will customise your event in consultation with you, and this, or any other theme, can also be used as the basis for a Gala Dinner, by eliminating the themed aspect

Pre Drinks Area 

Pre-dinner Drinks Area
SA Event Décor has a range of magnificent, large backdrops with which to define the surrounding perimeter of this area, which serves as a gathering point for your guests upon their arrival, and where they'll be welcomed with a drink.
Within this space, we place white stretch cocktail tables, which may optionally be lit from within by the use of blue and/or white lights, providing a most attractive glow in which your guests gather.  Besides the snow laden pine trees depicted on the backdrops,  pine trees with snow a dusting of artificial snow on the branches, are positioned amongst the cocktail tables, so that everyone really has the impression that they are amidst a snowy pine forest's trees.  Artificial snow is scattered on the floor to further enhance this scene.

Foyer area Draping


Cocktail tables


Seating Plan Display


Entrance Area

Being master tunnel builders, SA Event Décor recommends that a 3 metre icy white tunnel serve as the special themed entrance to the main venue.  The tunnel may be straight or curved, the latter preventing entering guests from seeing the main venue until the bend in the tunnel is passed, maintaining the element of surprised wonder as they proceed.  The entrance to and exit from the tunnel is detailed with draped fairy lights, adding a magical and icy sparkle.  A subtle, twinkling bead curtain can also be added to the tunnel entry and exit, and both sides of each entrance/exit are detailed with bare, white painted winter trees, draped with either beads or fairy lights. 

Main Function Area

The surrounds of the venue are draped in black, fire-retardant material, which affords a wonderful base to which to affix huge snow and ice themed backdrops, and also lends an air of intimacy to this setting, where most of guests' time will be spent.
Fairy lights draped across the ceiling optionally add the dimension of a black, starry night sky.
If budget allows, white fabric drapes can be included with the fairy lights as ceiling draping.
Snow decked pine trees, and bare, white painted trees draped with crystal beads or fairy lights, are positioned at intervals throughout the venue.
Snow Machine
The use of a snow machine is optional.  This can be activated as your guests enter the main venue (in a light snowfall), and at intervals during the evening's proceedings, depending on your preference.
We offer three different table décor styles, which may be combined or you may select one table setting.
Roof Area

Stage area


Table décor

Table 1
Tables are dressed with rich, dark blue taffeta, full length cloths.  The softly hanging folds interplay between differing shades of blue in the reflected light.  Pristine white serviettes with blue organza inserts and silver serviette rings, are placed on silver under plates.  Blue glass goblets enhance each place setting.
White stretch covered chairs wear broad blue, full length taffeta sashes across the chair backs, lending an elegant finish to the seating. 
A square mirror forms the base of the centre piece.  Upon this, a similar sized glass 'platform' rests, where an oversized martini glass is placed, holding a small bunch of white flowers.
Table 2
A white taffeta table cloth is overlaid with a deep blue taffeta runner.  White serviettes with blue organza inserts are detailed with blue ribbon or are placed in silver serviette rings, and rest upon square glass under plates.  A few small white flowers may optionally be placed under the clear under plates.  Blue glass goblets continue the subtle blue aspects of this setting.
Chairs may be covered in plain blue, or white with blue sashes, as for Table 1.
The centre piece for this décor scheme, is very innovative.  A large tubular shaped vase is laid on its side, on a mirror in the centre of the table.  Inside the vase, a scattering of white flowers continues the white, icy theme.  The edges of the central mirror are detailed with small glass vases, each containing a white flower, and glass holders with T-lights. 
Table 3
This option dresses the tables with white damask cloths.  Silver under plates designate each place setting.  White serviettes with blue inserts are secured with blue organza ribbon.  Blue goblets are placed as before.
Chairs are covered in white stretch fabric, and detailed with blue taffeta sashes.
Another unusual centre piece anchors this table décor scheme.  A tall cylindrical glass vase is detailed with blue organza ribbon winding up its length, in a 'barber's pole' effect.  On top of the vase, a white 'candle flame' shaped light is positioned.  The mirror base is further finished with scattered crystals and small glass holders housing blue votive candles.
Bar (optional)
SA Event Décor offers a variety of bar counters, which are suitably lit so that bartenders have enough light by which to serve correctly.  A bar detailed with blue light is most effective in this icy themed scene..

Prop Décor 


Lounge/Chill Area

Chill-out/Lounge Area (optional)
An absolutely stunning lounge area can form part of your sparkling, pristine icy evening, ideal for those who want to stretch their legs and have a chat away from the dining area for a while.
SA Event Décor builds a spectacular 'gazebo type' structure off to one side of the venue.  This is draped with white fabric, providing a wispy, clean surround, furnished to perfection with our modern white loungers and ottomans.  The addition of this element looks simply luxurious, whilst not departing from the crisp, icy venue décor.