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Greek Theme


Greek civilization is one of the oldest surviving cultures.  Greek culture was much admired by some of the Roman Caesars.   These rulers sought to emulate the Greeks in numerous aspects, especially in philosophy and architecture, particularly the Corinthian building style, which was the most ornate of the three classic Greek architectural styles.  
Today, Greek décor is still associated with clean, classic lines and colours, and gracious lifestyle, with nothing overdone or over the top.  This is what SA Event Décor will create to perfection for your Greek themed function.

Pre Drinks Area 

Welcome your guests in this area, decorated mainly in classic white with touches of blue.  The back of this area is draped in sheer white. 
Our white stretch cocktail tables initiate the striking simplicity which forms the basis of your Greek décor.  These stretch covered tables can optionally be positioned as is, or lit from within with glowing white or blue lights.  White/blue candles, detailed with a scattering of green vine leaves add interest to and soften the lines of the cocktail tables.  Our elegant aluminium cocktail chairs may optionally be added to the setting, providing a lovely, shiny clean sparkle.

Foyer area Draping


Cocktail tables


Seating Plan Display


Entrance Area

Greek architecture lends itself wonderfully for the innovative creation of a breathtaking entrance to the main venue.
Classic white columns, draped with vine leaves, lead up to the entrance, which is built in a semi circle of white columns and an pedimented arch resting upon the central pillars.  The pediment is dressed with flower and vine leaf garlands.  Behind the archway, sheer white draping screens off the main venue.  Additional sections of white fabric is cross-draped over the rear white draping, and is secured around the central columns, providing the ultimate, clean and classic Greek draped elegance. 

Main Function Area

Extensive use will be made of sheer, crisp white draping (with touches of blue, depending on table décor selection).  In addition to white columns, plinths, busts and statuary, Greek urns and stoneware placed around the interior area, and tall "columns" of soft white fabric are suspended from the ceiling at various optimally effective intervals.  These fabric columns are arranged to resemble pillars, a perfect enhancement for an interior Greek scene, and they can be lit upwards from within with white or blue lighting.  The effect is simply magical.
Tables and Chairs
SA Event Décor offers 3 variations on Greek table décor, each subtly different from the other.
Option 1
Pristine white cloths cover the tables.  White serviettes are formally and classically folded, and placed in wine glasses.  The centre piece consists of a sculptured white bust, which is softened and detailed with draped vines leaves in which a few informally scattered coloured flowers nestle.  The inclusion here of the odd piece of fruit, such as an apple, pear or bunch of grapes provides additional interest in the form of colour and shape. 
Chairs are dressed in crisp white.
This is the most minimalist of the three table settings.
Option 2
In authentic Greek tradition, white again forms the basis of this setting.  White cloths adorn the tables, where place settings are designated with square, clear glass under plates, upon which square white dinner plates are placed.  White serviettes are overlaid with blue organza and inserted into silver serviette rings. 
Blue organza fabric is arranged on the table centre, and within these blue folds, a round mirror rests, enhancing the impression of the cool blue Mediterranean sea.
Upon the mirror, SA Event Décor places a white bust or torso statue, which is draped with green vine leaves.  Detailing on the mirror is in the form of scattered, sparkling glass beads.
Chairs are fully covered in crisp white, and the chair backs are finished with broad blue organza sashes, picking up on the oceanic blue elements on the table.
Option 3
Here, the emphasis on the blue Mediterranean sea is stronger.  Tables are dressed with blue crushed velvet cloths, which create the perception of movement on the surface of blue water, by the very nature and characteristics of crushed velvet's surface.  Silver under plates add sparkle and dimension, and white serviettes detailed with blue organza fabric, folded into silver serviette rings, rest on the under plates.  In the centre of each table, sheer white fabric pools softly.  Upon this, we place a round mirror as a base for a classic white bust or torso, draped with garlands of vine leaves.  Twinkling glass beads detail the surrounding portions of the mirror.
Chairs are covered in blue crushed velvet.
At intervals throughout the venue, solid white columns, topped with green foliage and white flowers, enhance and soften the overall Greek effect.
Roof Area

Stage area


Table décor


Prop Décor 


Lounge/Chill Area

SA Event Décor will beautifully construct a gazebo-like structure, draped in sheer white fabric, wherein your guests may retire and relax.  This will be furnished with our crisply clear, white designer couches, and chairs/ottomans.  Each addition of white draping further enhances and beautifies your Greek setting.
Another option which SA Event Décor offers for this theme, is artistically draping the ceiling with fairy lights, which works perfectly with the white, blue and silver elements.