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Grease Theme


Grease is the the the word!! 
Grease Theme Logo
SA Event Décor will recreate those wonderful, good old exciting 50's - the world was rocking, and your carefree youth was your birthright.  No-one was aware that this, their generation would subsequently be known as the "baby boomers".

Being cool was essential, and if you didn't qualify, your friends would soon remedy that. Girls curled their hair and wore voluminous gathered skirts over multi-layered, starched petticoats,with their tiny waists belted, and innocent ankle socks and sneakers.  Young men were cool by virtue of their tightly tapered jeans, a comb somewhere about their person, and of course, in their hair - Grease!  

Milkshake parlours were the place to gather, see and be seen, where carefree décor was colourful, and such venues were ruled by a sense of fun, where many dates were made and met, and youthful "first loves" were the result.

This is the mood and ambiance which SA Event Décor will provide for your fun, retrospective themed function.

Kindly note that SA Event Décor can further customise this or any other theme for your special event or function, in consultation with you.

Pre Drinks Area 

Here, SA Event Décor will place cocktail tables covered with different coloured stretch fabric and a selection of bright overlays, setting the carefree and colourful mood.  The tables will be uplit from within to add to the colourful theme beckoning your guests, who enjoy a welcoming drink whilst they mingle.

Foyer area Draping

Cocktail tables


Seating Plan Display


Entrance Area

Draping in a combination of coloured fabrics to echo the brightly coloured pre-drinks area, will form the essential element of the entrance to the main function venue.  Through the folds of the drapes, fairy lights add a twinkle and enhance the playful mood. 

Main Function Area

The sides of the venue will be draped in black fire-retardant treated material, making the venue more intimate and setting the scene.  At intervals, brightly coloured organza flares will be placed over the black draping, and will be lit up from below with parcan lighting, emphasising the brightly enhanced colours and the sense of adventure of the time.

That famous backdrop depicting Olivia Newton John and John Travolta will be placed on one wall and a Grease-themed backdrop on the opposite wall.
Roof Area

Stage area

These items are optional, and can be provided as required, dressed and detailed in keeping with your Grease theme, and adding to the overall fun and entertainment of your evening.

Table décor

This is where the teens gathered, in cafe style, eager to update themselves on the latest fast cars, hairstyles, music and gossip.

SA Event Décor has two table options from which to choose, or a combination of both can be selected.

Option 1
SA Event Décor will dress the tables the tables in black minimat cloths.  Different brightly coloured organza overlays will be scrunched in the centres of the tables.  Black chair covers dress the chairs, and have different coloured sashes dressing the chair backs, and matching the coloured overlays.  LP record underplates designate each place setting, emphasising the musical aspect of the theme and the 50's.  Black serviettes, overlaid with coloured organza, and tied with bright ribbon detailing, or placed in serviette rings, echo the youthful fun mood set by the colours.

Option 2
The tables will be dressed with brightly coloured minimat cloths, with black and white checked overlays.  Coloured underplates add to the colourful, cafe style mood.  Serviettes will be detailed as in Option 1.  Chairs will again have black stretch covers and sashes matching the tablecloth colours - a setting in which to let your hair down and fun to be had by all.

Centre Pieces
SA Event Décor has 3 different table centre piece options, which can all be combined in one Grease party setting, or used individually - all to great effect.

Option 1
A disco dancer cut-out on a mirror ball will reflect the lights within the venue and the vibe of the 50's - always on the move.

Option 2
Over sized milkshakes and hamburgers take centre position on 60mm round mirrors.  Each mirror will be detailed with T-lights in holders, providing the sparkle of  lights reflected off the mirror, and the lively gathering around the table.

Option 3
More fun and sparkle will be added by the central placing of an Alida vase, filled with gel balls, with different coloured acolytes inside.  The vase will be place inside a silver container, filled with glass pebbles, and topped with a mirror ball - everything reflecting light and colours, part of the essence of the 50's youthful culture..

Prop Décor 

A pink Cadillac cut-out and an over-sized milkshake will be artistically placed inside the venue, with music note cut-outs positioned on the draping, setting an uplifting and musical mood, and teen passions, which included drag racing, soft drinks and

Lounge/Chill Area