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Egyptian Theme


Mention Egypt, and most thoughts are immediately those of the Great Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, Giza, the Sphinx, and the river Nile, the so-called Curse of the Pharaohs, and the famous ancient Pharaohs themselves, such as Khafre, Tutankhamen, Rameses, and Queen Cleopatra.  Mankind's fascination with things Egyptian, and the vast sands of the Sahara, remain endless.
Take your guests on a journey to the mystical, ancient land of Egypt with your next special function - SA Event Décor makes this transition very simple and easy for you - all you need to do, is arrive and enjoy yourselves.

Pre Drinks Area 

We suggest cocktail tables dressed in blue and red, finished with beaded trim, for this area, where you greet your guests with a welcoming drink.  Smaller table centre pieces, such as miniature palm trees, small pyramids, natural pebbles, establish the Egyptian theme here.

An optional photography area, with draping and a themed backdrop, can be set up to one side of this section

Foyer area Draping


Cocktail tables


Seating Plan Display


Entrance Area

Here, SA Event Décor will create a beautifully rich fabric-draped doorway, through which your guests enter the main venue.  Fairy lights within the draping add wonderful detail, and enhance the ethereal sparkle of a subtle bead curtain through which everyone passes.  A carpet, flanked by stretch palm trees, leads to the entrance. 

Main Function Area

A range of décor options and elements are on hand at SA Event Décor to create an Egyptian evening, and a stunning scene will be set, according to your choice and budget.
Venue walls are draped in black, fire-retardant fabric, which lends the venue an air of intimacy, whilst also being perfect for detailing and displaying backdrops and other elements to their best advantage.  Sections of white draping can be added, giving the effect of Egyptian cotton.
Fairy lights, and/or draping, may be incorporated in the ceiling area, and themed Egyptian backdrops adorn the draped wall areas.  Stretch palm trees, Egyptian jars and pots, and luxurious scattered cushions increase the visual appeal of this theme.  Themed props are also available.
Roof Area

Stage area

Themed Bar Counters, Stage, Dance Floor and Lounge/Chill-out Areas are optional.

Table décor

Tables are draped with richly opulent, crushed velvet blue cloths, reminding of rippling water, the waters of the Nile.  Silver under plates denote each place at the table, and blue serviettes are artistically folded into silver serviette rings.  Blue crushed velvet half-covers, detailed with silver, dress the chair backs, extending the luxurious look and feel of the table cloths.
The occasional red velvet covered dining table can also be included amongst the blue tables, giving an unexpected burst of colour, with great effect.  The red tables will incorporate gold under plates, and gold serviette detailing. 
Centre Pieces
Again, there are many options which work with and enhance your Egyptian themed décor.  These, to name but a few, include:-
A square glass, innovatively raised platform, serves as a base for two Egyptian vases of differing sizes.  The glass platform rests on scrunched blue organza, having the effect of slightly choppy water.  A T-light candle details each corner of the glass piece.
A piece of hessian or beige organza fabric is likewise scrunched in the table centre, representing desert sand.  Two small pyramids of different sizes, are detailed on the 'sand', and are made more realistic with the addition of a miniature palm tree. 
Gold organza replaces the hessian/beige fabric above, Item 2, and two golden pyramids are used.  This option is ideal when gold under plates are chosen for the table setting.

Prop Décor 


Lounge/Chill Area


Please also have a look at our Arabian Nights Theme - many of the items used can also be successfully incorporated in the Egyptian Theme.  SA Event Décor will be more that happy to discuss your requirements, and further customise this, or any other theme in consultation with you