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Denim & Diamonds Theme


A theme title which initially appears to be a contradiction in terms - yet not so, certainly not in the 21st century.  Denim has evolved from its early days as American heavy duty work wear, to today's ultimate fashion fabric.  It is used as an engineered upholstery fabric named 'bull denim', can be worn dressed down, or dressed up, in the 'mink and manure' lifestyle.   'Diamond' is said to have originated from a Greek word, meaning 'unbreakable'.  As one Bond 007 theme song states:  'Diamonds Are Forever'.  So too, it seems, is the perennial stylish use of denim... 

Pre Drinks Area 

Meet and greet your guests as they arrive, and welcome them with a pre-dinner drink, in a practical and modern, yet stylishly themed setting.
SA Event Décor will provide cocktail tables, emphasising clean, up to date design lines with the use of blue stretch table covers.  The table tops are detailed with white edging, from which crystals hang suspended, ready to reflect sparkling light and the effect of denim and diamonds.  Table centre detailing, in the form of scattered crystals and beads, playfully catch the light.  Our aluminium cocktail chairs enhance the clean lines, and their surface adds to the play of reflected lights.

Foyer area Draping


Cocktail tables


Seating Plan Display


Entrance Area

An archway, with or without a tunnel, provides the entry point into the main venue.  This is achieved with artistically draped blue fabric, which is detailed with draped fairy lights, gracefully enhancing the impression of being surrounded by diamonds.  A twinkling glass bead curtain through which guests pass as they enter, adds more reflective facets and the feeling of wrapping yourself in these precious gems for a moment. 

Main Function Area

The walls of this area are draped in black, which allows effective focus on the clean, crisp denim and diamond décor within, and provides the venue with an intimate mood.  At intervals, SA Event Décor's black subtly crystal jeweled drapes appear over the plain black fabric, providing twinkle, texture, and an added dimension. 
Fairy lights draped across the ceiling enhance the glittering opulence of the theme.  Ceiling drapes in white with an occasional blue drape accent, may also be provided as an additional option, giving the look and feel of being within a giant tented, gazebo-like, structure.  SA Event Décor's installers are masters of this type of precision draping.
Roof Area

Stage area


Table décor

Round tables are dressed in crisp, white stretch covers, again lending modern design lines to the setting.  As an option, the tables can be softly lit from within, creating an emanating gentle blue glow.  A larger, round glass table top is placed over the covered table, so that the glass edge protrudes beyond the 'inner' table.
This innovative setting transforms the tables completely, in keeping with the theme.  Clear glass under plates subtly indicated each individual place setting.  Blue serviettes, detailed with silver edged ribbon, are placed in silver edged serviette rings.  Blue goblets, accompanied by the venue's crystal wine glasses, remind one not only of denim, but also that a blue-white diamond is so sought after.  Chairs are dressed in crisp white, and every alternate chair back is detailed with a blue sash.   
Centre Pieces
One centre piece option employs the use of a 1.2 metre tall candelabra, with suspended clear, sparkling crystals.  The base of the candelabra is detailed with crystals, and glass and crystal beads, which sparkle and twinkle in the reflected light.
SA Event Décor has various other centre piece options, which can be customised in consultation with the client.

Prop Décor 


Bar Area

Various types of bar counters are available from SA Event Décor for your selection.  These include a bar counter depicting cut diamonds on its front surface, and having a 'Diamonds are Forever' backdrop.  Another option which is also most effective for your Denim and Diamonds event, is our hi-tech aluminium bar, which is simply stunning when the front aluminium surface is lit up from below.  All bar counters are complete with a working surface and power point.  Bars are suitably illuminated so that attendants can accurately prepare and serve drinks.

Lounge/Chill Area