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Cotton Club Theme


The original Cotton Club opened its doors in Harlem, New York, in 1920.  It was a  very popular speakeasy during Prohibition, and a jazz club, where many famous black jazz musicians launched their careers.  Duke Ellington, Lena Horne, Dizzy Gillespie, Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson, Sammy Davis Jr, and Louis Armstrong are but some of the big names who either started their careers at the Cotton Club, but certainly performed there often.  The club closed in about 1940, but its memory and associations live on, and will be amazingly reproduced for your party or function by SA Event Décor. 

Pre Drinks Area 

Smart and stylish red and black stretch cocktail tables, with their tops finished with crystal beaded 'fringes', are the main feature of this area, where your guests are welcomed with a drink.  These tables are beautifully offset against black draping, featuring a black and white musical note backdrop, and feather detailing, which is repeated as part of table centre piece detailing.  The tables can optionally be lit from within for a more 'decadent' effect.

Foyer area Draping


Cocktail tables


Seating Plan Display


Entrance Area

Since the actual entry to a speakeasy was somewhat discreet or hidden in an attempt to prevent police raids for selling liquor, a black draped tunnel entrance is the way to go to enter your Cotton Club main venue.  This lends an air of mystery, and creates the feeling of moving through an alley or underground entrance.  Some red draping, beading and fairy lights, or other suitable dim lighting in the tunnel, adds to the created atmosphere.  Leading up to the entrance, a red carpet flanked by stanchions detailed with feathers and boas, enhances the sense of fun. 

Main Function Area

To create your authentic Cotton Club function décor, SA Event Décor will drape the venue in black fabric to not only enclose the area, but create the look and vibe of an underground club.  Sections of red draping will be added to provide more colour and ambiance.  The gathered red sections can be lit upwards from within, giving your club a feeling of warmth and an additional dimension.
Funky black and white jazz musical note backdrops stand out almost as though in relief against the black background draping, adding a note of mischievous fun. 
Three table décor settings all echo that swinging 20's and 30's new freedom and carefree party mood.  These can be combined or one only may be selected for all your tables.
The first table option features a black table cloth, overlaid with a white and black patterned runner - this gives a very sophisticated base.  Silver edged black under plates hold black serviettes detailed with silver and contained in silver serviette rings.
The centre piece is striking in its simplicity - an arrangement of silver wire saxophones and musical instruments, placed on a square mirror.  T-lights in glass holders add sparkle, and narrow glass bud vases of varying heights, each holding a single white or red rosebud, adorn the corners of the mirror.  The mirror reflects and multiplies the detailing, and the total effect is absolutely lovely. 
Chairs are covered in black, and detailed with silver across the chair backs.
The second table is covered with a red, crushed velvet cloth.  Detailed red serviettes in silver serviette rings rest on black, silver edged under plates.  The effect these elements offer, is plush and opulent, redolent of the Cotton Club's times.
SA Event Décor creates an equally rich centre piece by placing a section of scrunched black organza in the centre of the table, as a base for the tall silver candelabra.
The candelabra's individual candle holders have suspended crystal beads, sumptuously reflecting the lights, which are candle flame shaped miniature lamps.
Black covered chairs are detailed with elegant red tasseled rope.
Our third table option is as the table above, with red velvet cloth, but here red under plates designate each place setting.  This red-on-red effect is very "20's glam".  Enhancing this, red goblets are a stunning addition.
The centre piece reflects the 'naughty' aspect of the times and equally illicit consumption of alcohol.  The calf and foot of a mannequin, dressed in a fishnet stocking, is detailed with coloured feathers in the centre of the table.
Chairs are covered in black, and are detailed with a red feather boa across each back, repeating the funky effect of the centre piece.
Roof Area

Stage area


Table décor


Prop Décor 


Lounge/Chill Area