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Cast in Stone


Solid, earthy, and natural, with all nature’s varied hues and colour tones, minerals and gemstones - these are just some of the elements we associate with stone.  SA Event Decor will create this setting and atmosphere for your function, surrounding your guests with nature’s timeless beauty. 

Pre Drinks Area 

To welcome your guests and allow them to meet, greet and mingle in a setting that sets the mood for the function, SA Event Decor will position 13 brown stretch cocktail tables in this pre-drinks area. The top of each cocktail table will be dressed with a custom painted top that appears to be Caste In Stone. These tables will be lit up with white fluorescent lights, highlighting the theme. The centre piece will be simplistic and natural, consisting of a square vase filled with layers of different colour stone, enhanced by the lighting.

Entrance Area

SA Event Decor will build a Hessian tunnel, draped with fairy lights, giving a subtly lit, welcoming ambience.. Placed at the entrance of the tunnel will be two artificial rocks. At the end of the three meter tunnel we will build a half moon rock wall.  The guests walk through the tunnel, not knowing what they might encounter next,  and will then proceed around the rock wall, before they will be able to see the function area. Placed on the floor next to the rock wall, we will place artificial rocks, lit from the inside, creating the stunning and unexpected effect of burning lava.

Placed on top of the tunnel will be a sign saying Cast In Stone.

Main Function Area

The function area, (sides only), will be draped in an light brown colour to set the scene for the themed decor to follow.
Creatively placed in the four corners of the function area, SA Event Decor will hang unique rock curtains, exclusive to SAED .  Behind the rock curtains you will have four artificial fires placed at varying heights, providing a textured glow through the curtain fabric.. 
The rock curtain is made of stones strung one above the other, on wire and alternating with silver beads. The beads create an amazing, textured effect, as the light reflects from the beads and onto the stone.

Stage area

The entire length of the stage will be draped in the same rock curtain used in the four corners of the main function area, enhancing the flow of the overall theme. 
SA event Decor will supply the main stage for the event. 
The front of the stage will be covered with an artificial rock backdrop.  Placed in front of this backdrop,  artificial rocks will be positioned, creating the dramatic illusion that the speeches are taking place from a huge, flat rock boulder. 

Organza flairs

Against the draping you will have  6 dark brown organza flairs. Placed behind the flairs we will install  parcan lights, shining upwards . The effect and atmosphere thus created, ensures an amazing ambience during the entire evening.

Table Décor 
Cream chair covers, finished with extra long brown taffeta sashes, overlaid with orange taffeta sashes, create more enhanced colour tones and texture, in keeping with the theme. 
Tables will be dressed in brown taffeta table cloths, overlaid with a combination of brown and orange runners.
Taffeta catches and reflects subtle lighter and darker shades when draped, adding another beautiful dimension to your decor. 
Precious metals that are "Cast In Stone" will be placed on the table around the centre piece.
Black diamante under plates represent diamonds, adding texture and glitter.
Silver wine goblets represent platinum, and also add sparkle to the setting.
Gold chocolate coins and some semi-precious stones such as tiger’s eyes, agate, amethyst, garnet, peridots, and moonstone, are scattered around the centre piece, representing gold and semi-precious gems, found in stone
We will also include a few rough stones in their natural form.
Serviettes will be brown, dressed with orange organza, and folded into a silver serviette ring, representing another metal found in stone - silver.
On top of each serviette ring a small, semi precious stone will add even more sparkle and dimension.


To ensure that your Caste in Stone tables are another strong focal point of your decor theme, a 60cm round mirror will be placed in the centre of each table.  On top of this, SA Event Decor will position a 1.2m tall silver candelabra filled with burning fluid and crystal, also beautifully enhancing the Cast In Stone theme.

Lounge/Chill Area