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Bollywood Theme


Bollywood Theme Logo
The glitz, glamour, dance and music of Bollywood has become internationally popular with many diverse cultures, particularly since the advernt of the 2000's..  No longer having only local appeal, Bollywood in all its rich, Hindi-based finery and cultural facets, is big business and has come of age throughout the world.  As created by SA Event Décor, vibrant, colourful and happy Bollywood is an ideal theme for a wonderful celebration.
Kindly note that SA Event Décor can further customise this, or any other function, to suit your needs and budget, and can convert any theme to suit a gala dinner 

Pre Drinks Area 

The clean lines of our effective stretch covered cocktail tables form the backbone of this gathering area, where you welcome your guests with a drink and allow them to meet and greet, whilst mingling.  The cocktail tables are lit from within with various coloured lights, giving an inviting glow to this section.  Subtle pink, blue, orange and yellow lighting is used, and tables are centred with eastern T-light lanterns. 
Depending on your needs and the venue's outer area, SA Event Décor can drape sections of this area in black, to which Bollywood backdrops may be attached, further setting this scene.

Foyer area Draping


Cocktail tables


Seating Plan Display


Entrance Area

SA Event Décor's staff are master tunnel builders, and a tunnel entrance into the main venue provides a stunning entry for your guests, whilst further putting them 'in the mood'.  A red carpet with roped stanchions, leading into the tunnel, creates true VIP ambiance.
The tunnel itself is draped in black, with sections of coloured draping providing detail - fairy lights may optionally be incorporated here.
The tunnel entrance is detailed with brightly coloured fabric and a subtle, sparkling beaded curtain. 

Main Function Area

In order to transform the main venue into an integrated Bollywood scene, the venue is firstly draped in black, fire-retardant material, which also displays Bollywood themed backdrops to perfection.  We provide a variety of huge backdrops, which depict Bollywood scenes and stars, and these are framed on either side by brightly coloured draped and gathered fabric.  Cut outs of Indian symbols, eg, elephants, are placed at intervals against the draping.
The ceiling may optionally be draped with fairy lights, and/or multi-coloured fabric draping, giving a distinctly opulent elegance to the evening.
A combination of a variety of brightly coloured, festive tables effectively establishes your Bollywood theme.  However, a white, black and gold setting can also be utilised as a more formal, less strongly themed option.
Coloured Table Combination:-
Taffeta table cloths in cerise, turquoise/blue, silver and orange form the basis of this highly effective setting.  The taffeta shimmers in reflected light, and the draped folds beautifully enhance texture and add dimension.
Turquoise/blue tables are dressed in a full length taffeta cloth in this colour.  Upon silver under plates, black serviettes detailed with pink organza and placed in silver serviette rings, designate each place setting.  Pink organza is crumpled in the centre of the table, upon which the centre piece rests.  This is a vase holding brightly coloured feathers, adding height and texture to the table centre, and the base of the vase is detailed with white flowers.
Chairs are covered in black, with chair backs wearing broad turquoise sashes.
Orange taffeta cloths with silver under plates, holding black serviettes detailed with blue organza, are an integral element of this richly colourful Bollywood theme.
Picking up on the blue serviette detailing, more blue organza is crumpled in the centre of the table to anchor the centre piece.  This consists of a tall cylindrical vase, which holds three simple gerberas, cut in varying lengths.  Eastern T-light lanterns enhance the Bollywood elements.
Chairs are covered in simple black, off-setting festive orange organza sashes tied across the backs.
Silver table cloths add lightness, depth and sparkle.  Square glass under plates hold black serviettes, which are detailed with orange organza, just a splash of colour. A round mirror in the centre of the table, forms the base for a vase containing brightly coloured feathers, enhancing the serviette detail.  Small T-light holders and/or scattered crystal or coloured beads can be used to finish the mirror base.
Chairs are black-covered, with broad silver sashes dressing chair backs.
Cerise taffeta table cloths form the fourth colour in our rich, festive Bollywood scene.  Black serviettes are detailed with blue organza, and are placed upon silver under plates.  Tall candelabra, resting on crumpled blue organza, centrally anchor the table.  
Broad cerise sashes detail the backs of black chairs.
Roof Area

Stage area


Table décor

Low Tables (optional)
A number of low tables may be added, giving that distinct eastern feel.  These tables are draped in pinkish mauve crushed velvet cloths, and seating takes the form of rich, golden pillows.  Gold under plates carry gold and mauve serviettes.  In the centre of this low table, crumpled gold organza forms the base on which a hubbly bubbly is positioned, emphasising eastern opulence and relaxation.
Please note that SA Event Décor recommends that no more than 20% of the total number of tables should be low, and guests should be given the option of being seated here or at full height tables, since some may find it uncomfortable and difficult to sit low to the ground.  
More Formal, White, Black and Gold Bollywood Theme.
For maximum effect, it is not recommended that this scheme be combined with the multi-coloured setting, but used on its own, as a more formal or gala dinner setting.
SA Event Décor drapes these tables in white cloths, upon which gold under plates are placed at each individual place.  White serviettes are simply folded in a long rectangular shape,  which drapes from the under plate down the edge of the table, giving a strikingly elegant finish.  Black crumpled organza in the centre of the table, holds a tall cylindrical vase which is detailed with gold ribbon, winding its way up the length of the vase in a 'barber pole' effect.  On top of the vase, a candle shaped glass light completes the arrangement, which has its base detailed with a scattering of white, and yellow/gold flowers.
Black covered chairs have their backs detailed smartly with broad, gold organza sashes.

Prop Décor 


Lounge/Chill Area