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Arabian Nights Theme


SA Event Décor will drape, dress and furnish your venue in luxurious Arabian style.  Cocktail tables dressed in red and blue or cream, detailed with light-reflecting bead trim, and main dining tables draped with velvet cloths in jewel colours of white, purple, green and red, form the visual basis and texture for additional Arabian décor. From above, the ceiling will be flowingly draped in richly coloured, soft strip fabrics, imaginatively creating the ambience of being in a desert tent. Themed backdrops, table centrepieces and stretch palm trees depict and complete the Arabian desert and welcoming oasis theme. 

Pre Drinks Area 

A variety of Arabian themed décor items will set the evening's mood in the area where your guests are to be welcomed. 
For this section, SA Event Décor offers two options, which can be combined or used individually. 
First Option:  Medium to High Budget Events
This option provides for larger events, with a high ceiling requirement.  The décor elements we use are larger than normal - the backdrops are 4.5 meter in height and work well in bigger venues.
In the welcoming drinks area, SA Event Décor will place actual real 3 meter tall palm trees. Depending on the available budget, we can supply up to 20 of these palm trees.

Foyer area Draping

The entire foyer area will be draped in cream to set the Arabian scene – the desert sands are omnipresent. 

Cocktail tables

Placed between the tall palm trees, you will find cocktail tables covered with cream velvet cloths and coloured overlays.  Green is very suitable for the pre drinks area, and beautifully picks up and echoes the colour of the green palm trees – an oasis, where your guests can refresh themselves.
NB This first option can only be executed at a venue that has a maximum distance of 20 metres from the loading zone into the venue, due to the weight of the palm trees. No stair or lifts can be used because of tree sizes.
Cocktail table centre piece
We offer a variety of Arabian cocktail table centrepieces.  Our suggestion for the pre-drinks area, is to place a small pyramid on a round mirror in the centre of each table, and providing detailing with sand and T light candles.  The effect and warmth of the reflected light is wonderful, enticing and welcoming.

Seating Plan Display

To enhance the natural Arabian mood, we suggest wooden artists' easels supporting large mirrors, to display the seating plan/s. The client is to print the seating plan/s.

Entrance Area

Entrance - option one
SA Event Décor's hand painted palace entrance backdrop creates the perfect Arabian effect as the guests enter the venue, walking through the door opening of the palace/backdrop, as though entering the palace.
Entrance - option two
As an alternative to the palace backdrop, we create a tunnel entrance. SA Event Décor pride themselves on being the best décor tunnel builders in South Africa.
The tunnel can be a mere 3 metres in length, or be 30 metres long and incorporate the pre-drinks area.
The tunnel can be built in any colour, according to the your preference, and is detailed with fairy lights, shimmering throughout the tunnel and the gently draped folds of the fabric. The effect during the evening is absolutely breathtaking, ensuring that your guests and everyone within, feel extra special.
Second Option:  Smaller Events 
If you have a smaller, more intimate Arabian event in mind, in a smaller venue with a lower ceiling, this second option will provide the sought after magical Arabian ambience.
Most of the décor items for the first option can be used, but large and bulky items such as the palm trees and entrance backdrop cannot be used, as their size precludes their use in a smaller venue. 

Main Function Area

Overview of the décor inside the venue for large events
When we, at SA Event Décor, designed our Arabian themed décor, we had one thing in mind – not only install amazing venue décor, but to create a story line too. 
We want to transport your guests on a wondrous journey, entering from an oasis, walking through a palace door and continuing the Arabian journey, to find a massive 30 metre depiction of an oasis on either the left or right hand side of the venue. On the wall opposite the oasis, will be five backdrops, telling a continuing story of Arabian nomads on their camels, travelling through the desert, the route to a magnificent palace feast.  Here, not only sumptuous luxury and sheiks reign, but refreshment and a welcome respite from the journey are found, in a spirit of camaraderie and good will with fellow travellers.
Besides the sand and dunes in the desert, thoughts of  “the sands of time”, an entirely different concept of time from our own, sand storms, the endless undulation of the dunes, and trials and tribulations of the route, come to mind.  Your guests will be transported through time and place to this centuries old, largely unchanged Arabian desert world.
Overview of the décor inside the venue for the smaller events
For the smaller events, SA Event Décor provides two amazing backdrops.
The first backdrop pictures an oasis in the middle of the desert, with camels and their Arabian drivers around the well, an essential stop for them in this seemingly desolate, and uninhabited desert region. 
The second backdrop depicts our hardy camel drivers making their way through the seemingly endless desert, en route to their destination - sometimes in the foreground, and at other times, silhouetted against the horizon.
Roof Area
We suggest that an Arabian style section over the dance floor area be draped across the ceiling. The draping and the incredibly beautiful effect it creates, is attained by using organza draping, which softly forms the majestic shape of a palace dome. 
Leading from the dome and draping outwards, fairy lights complete the magical, twinkling night time effect and stars in the enormous night sky.
Please note that this is an extensive and very time consuming project, and it requires a substantial amount of time to set-up.  Therefore, no tables or AV equipment may be inside the room during this time. The time required is dependent on the venue size and number and availability of hanging points.

Stage area

Placed behind the main stage, we install a magnificent temple backdrop, with its sandstone construction in formal Arabian style, and its towers and domes reaching upwards. 
SA Event Décor will utilise a round stage with rounded stairs to create a layered Arabian effect.  The stage itself will be luxuriously detailed with copper urns and Persian carpets.

Arabian tents
Placed in the four corners of the venue will be either square or round platforms, on top of which we will pitch Arabian style tents. Artfully situated inside these tents, low tables with opulent satin pillows as seating, and a hubbly bubbly table  centrepiece, set the scene to which guests can retire to relax and chill out.
The bottom, outer sections of the raised areas, will be detailed and finished with a special patterned material, in keeping with the Arabian theme and ambience.

Table décor

The table décor can either be done on one main background colour or in a combination of colours, according to your preference.
Chair covers
All chairs will be covered in a natural coloured fabric.  Over the back of each covered chair, a half back velvet top will be placed. This velvet top is detailed with a selected colour rope tassle, which then passes around the entire chair back.

Table one
For the first table option we have opted to use purple table cloths with a purple chair cover top. Silver under plates form the basis of each place setting, and  upon each under plate, we place a combination of two serviettes in a serviette ring. The first serviette is standard, then a purple organza serviette is arranged over it, and thereafter both are fitted into a silver serviette ring.  The colour theme of this table setting is emphasised, with the silver elements adding opulent sparkle.
The centrepiece consists of a square glass sheet placed on glass pillars, which   rests on a purple organza overlay.  Also on the glass sheet, copper vases and added detail such as candles and spices, enhance the Arabian appearance and atmosphere.
Second table option
For the second table we have selected a burgundy velvet table cloth with a matching burgundy velvet chair top cover.  Detailing over the chair top cover will be executed as in Table One.
For this option two's table décor, gold under plates identify each place setting.  A standard burgundy serviette with a gold organza serviette arranged over it, and finished with gold ribbon detail, will be placed upon each gold under plate.
The essential centrepiece consists of a hubbly bubbly, placed on gold organza.

Third Table option
No Arabian function would be complete without some low tables.  SA Event Décor recommends that you do not allocate more than 20 % of your total number of guests to low tables, and guests should be given the option to either select a low or standard table – it may be awkward or uncomfortable for some guests to sit unsupported and low, and likewise they may have difficulty in getting up.
For this option/section, any table décor option may be selected. The only difference is that guests will be seated on satin pillows instead of chairs. 
Fourth Table option
The fourth table's décor option is as per your choice of any of the above-mentioned selections, but with green as the predominant base colour for table cloths, chair top covers, and organza second, decorative serviette, finished with gold trim.  The trim is echoed by the use of gold under plates.  Green, being the outward indication of an oasis, suits the Arabian landscape well.  The green velvet table cloth, coupled with green top chair covers depicts the very spirit of an oasis – a place of rest and life-giving sustenance.
The centrepiece once again is raised onto a glass sheet, upon which SA Event Décor will place a custom built miniature fibre glass oasis.  Below the glass sheet, we place crumpled gold organza, depicting the golden hues and tones of the dunes.  Detailing is provided by T light candles and sand. The emphasis is on the colour green, which beautifully picks up the palm trees, scattered throughout the venue.

Fifth Table option
The table cloths are of rich, blue velvet, as are the top chair covers.  Blue organza secondary serviettes epitomize the life-giving colour of water, symbolic  of an oasis, or indeed the river Nile.  These are finished with trim and arranged on the under plates.
The centrepiece consists of a two pyramids, one being bigger than the other, placed on crumpled blue organza, to further symbolize water.  A small green palm tree and detailing provided by sand and candles, finish the table décor in typically Arabian mode.

The rest of the venue will be artistically draped, appropriate to enhance and complete the Arabian scene and atmosphere.

Prop Décor 

The amazingly authentic scene, created by the Arabian backdrops, richly decorated tables and Arabian elements, lends itself to the another imaginative creation of picture or bar areas, flowing from any of these scenes.
Our round aluminium bars, picking up on the precious and semi-precious metal décor items and gem colours of fabrics,  can be utilised with dramatic effect.

The back wall, now being the exit from when viewed from inside the main function area, will be brought into the overall theme by hanging an Aladdin cut-out figure.
Placed around the venue, SA Event Décor will mount cut-outs of camels, further enhancing the North African Arabian theme, and the desert scene drapes. 

Your breathtaking Arabian Experience awaits the arrival of you and your guests

Lounge/Chill Area


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