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African Chic Theme


African Chic Logo
As wonderful as African elements, nature, history, tradition and traditional décor remains to all who encounter it, exciting new trends, designs and lifestyle in general, are fast emerging from this marvelous country at the foot of Africa and the continent as a whole.  With this in mind, SA Event Décor has pleasure in being a leader in offering an African Chic theme for your function, be it an event or a gala dinner.

Pre Drinks Area 

With Africa's warm tradition of hospitality, an area where your guests are welcomed with a drink upon arrival, is provided.  This functional area prepares your guests
'in-theme' for their main function that is to follow.
Our beautiful stretch covered cocktail tables, of which some or all can be lit from within, are available in various colours.  However, since the look is to be chic, we suggest that your colour choice reflect the décor you select for the main venue area, to a greater extent - black, white, accents of amber, gold or silver, perhaps incorporating red too, are combinations to consider.  Suitable centre pieces can be chosen from our recommendations, which we will gladly discuss with you.
Photography Area (optional)
Here, your guests can record their attendance at their celebration - everyone loves to have something by which to remember a joyous evening.
SA Event Décor will provide draping, backdrops, detailing with plants/ stretch palm trees and/or pots, in order to keep within the African Chic atmosphere, as an additional reminder to guests of their spectacular evening.

Foyer area Draping

Cocktail tables


Seating Plan Display


Entrance Area

SA Event Décor are master décor tunnel builders, and this is the type of entrance we suggest.  Two side-by-side tunnels, one as entrance and one as exit, will be built for large events, which require this by law.  A three metre tunnel draped in black, sets the tunnel background effect.  White sections of draping, with light shining upwards from within, provide atmosphere and glamour - red lights will provide a warmer, welcoming glow. 
The sides of the entrance will be suitably detailed.  Draped fairy lights at and within the entrance area can also add to the glamour and give the impression of stars.
Please note that SA law requires that draping material be fire retardant treated, and a certificate confirming this must be supplied by the certified applier. 

Main Function Area

Black draping of the venue walls sets the scene, giving the feeling of both intimacy and distance, whilst being the basis for a chic scene within.
Again, sections of white draping can be added, detailed with red light shining upwards or fairy lights.
At intervals in front of the background draping, African décor elements, such as stretch palm trees, oversized designer pots, suitably detailed, are but a few ideas.
Draping the entire ceiling with fairy lights, not only creates a stunning ambiance, but also depicts our glorious African night sky, with its brightly twinkling stars.
Throughout, we aim to give an innovative, modern twist to the traditional African styles, cast into a more 'city inspired' appearance and atmosphere.
Roof Area

Stage area

SA Event Décor has various stages, which we make available to our clients for their use at our themed functions.  These can be square or round or half-round.  In the latter case, we also offer our unique round stairs, which are designed so that they can be spaced at intervals which allow for a longer or shorter stairway, depending on the client's preference.
We also have a range of  wonderful bars, which are complete with lighting, work surfaces and power points.  Our half round aluminium bar is at the cutting edge of chic design, and looks simply spectacular with light shining against the aluminium front.

Table décor

Our modern and smart, stylish take on table décor for this theme, is based on black/brown and white, with drama, texture and colour added to remind that this is still an African setting, chic as it is.
Option One
Tables are draped with white flocked cloths, over which a broad amber runner is placed.  Over this runner, a second, narrower runner of brown/black, flocked taffeta is arranged, thus allowing the bottom runner to show on the sides, and through the thinner parts of the flocked fabric upper runner.  This adds the colours of Africa to a chic setting.
Silver under plates accommodate white serviettes, detailed with brown/black organza fabric and silver serviette rings with brown bead finishes. 
The centre piece consists of a base of informal peach roses and the odd protea, with beige/amber candles, depicting more of Africa's nature and its colours.
Chairs are covered in white, with the chair backs dressed with broad brown/black sashes, over which narrower amber organza sashes are added, picking up on the dual table runners, and enhancing the chic African mood.
As an alternative, a lower black runner, topped by one in amber, also creates a wonderful effect.  White serviettes can be detailed with peach organza fabric, enhancing the colour of the flowers in the centre piece, for which any peach coloured flowers that are in-season, can be used.  Chairs are covered in black instead of white, and have chair backs finished with broad amber sashes, overlaid with narrower black sashes.
A further variation on this colour combination, is having a brown/black runner, topped with a narrower red flocked taffeta runner, on the white table cloth.  This adds a dramatic flash of colour.  Black/brown under plates carry white serviettes, detailed with organza ribbon, and placed in wooden serviette rings.
This table's centre piece is a square round mirror, standing on medium height, gel filled, square vases.  Upon the mirror, a slim glass vase holding minimalist foliage, is surrounded by T-light candles in glass holders, and similar small candles are arranged below the mirror.
Chairs also remain covered in white, and have brown/black long sashes, detailed with wooden rings, over the chair backs, picking up on the wooden serviette rings, yet giving an immensely chic look.
Option Two
Main table cloths are dark, overlaid with white, flocked taffeta cloths, giving a smart and striking base to accommodate the rest of the table décor.
Under plates are black, and serviettes are unusually folded lengthwise, overlaid with brown organza, and detailed with black ribbon.
The centre piece has a round mirror as its base.  Upon this, SA Event Décor places a small, cast iron pot (potjie), which contains a cone-shaped bunch of roses and proteas, with a few willow twigs.  Around the base of the mirror, detailing is provided with the addition of three ribbon detailed votive candles and scattered quartz pebbles.   
Chairs are covered in black, and have bold, broad gold sashes dressing the chair backs.
Option Three
Tables are dressed with red cloths, over which a broad silver runner is topped with a narrower, black flocked taffeta runner.  Black, silver edged under plates with red serviettes overlaid with black and detailed with ribbon, are placed at each individual setting.  A black wine glass is placed at each setting.
For this table, the base of the centre piece is a rectangular mirror, which is raised upon four small, square vases, which are used as 'legs' to support the mirror.  In the centre of the mirror, we place a small, cast iron pot, again with roses, proteas and twigs.  Two small candles in square holders are positioned at each end of the length of the mirror, and the base of the pot is detailed with rose quartz pebbles and artificial moss.  Larger quartz pieces directly on the table below the mirror, add gentle rose colour and texture.
Chairs are covered in black, with broad red sashes tied over the backs.
Another stunning centre piece option to consider, is the use of a piece of driftwood, which holds a more avant garde type collection of flowers - the addition of a couple of amber/peach coloured lilies works to great effect.  The contrasting textures of the flowers and driftwood add a super chic dimension.

Prop Décor 


Lounge/Chill Area

We create a slightly out of the way, more quiet area, where your guests can stretch their legs and relax, if they so choose.  This area can be tented with a gazebo type structure, or in a variety of other means - all, of course, in African Chic style. 
SA Event Décor provides a lovely range of furniture, including couches, lounge and wingback chairs, coffee and cocktail tables, ottomans, scatter cushions, carpets, bean bags, to name just some items