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Gala Dinner | Classic White


There are few décor schemes that rival the pure elegance and sophistication of a Classic White setting.  Silver accessories and décor elements, glass and crystal, and a trace of colour contained in centre pieces serve to highlight the pristine white design of this setting.

In addition to the required elegance of the setting, SA Event Décor can create a Classic White design scheme that is spectacularly breathtaking, for your special dinner.

Kindly also note that SA Event Décor would be happy to vary the décor described below, or to customise your gala dinner décor entirely, in consultation with you.

Pre Drinks Area 

Here, your guests are offered a welcoming drink, and the scene is set for the dinner which is to follow.  They relax and are able to anticipate a wonderful evening.

SA Event Décor's exclusive Star Curtain (actual twinkling "stars" on a black curtain), can be included as a backdrop.

The cocktail tables will be covered in white stretch fabric, centred with a suitable, simple silver centre piece.  Aluminium cocktail chairs emphasize the centre piece.

A portion of the pre-drinks area may optionally be set aside for photographs to be taken. A suitable backdrop will be provided.  A full bar can also be placed in the pre-drinks area, should you so choose.

Entrance Area

A draped entrance or a tunnel to the main area can be created using sheer white draping, gently lit with fairy lights draped through the soft folds of organza, adding silver sparkle.  A walkway, designated by white roped stanchions, lead the guests to the draped doorway, with white jeweled trees enhancing the sides of the walkway, and adding another dimension to the pre-drinks area, in which it is located.

Main Function Area

All the walls will be draped in white, with white organza flairs, which will be highlighted with LED par can lights. The tops of the white draping may be detailed with silver scallops, as an additional option.  The interplay of light and shadow on the flowing white drapes and organza flairs, is simply spectacular. Fairy lights draped across the ceiling are highly recommended to enhance the nuances of your elegant white décor scheme.  

Tables and Chairs

The main tables will be dressed in full length, white flocked taffeta clothes, giving the impression of damask, but with the additional silky glow of taffeta - this again adds nuances and hues of white, and also texture, without departing from the purity of white.

SA Event Décor has several table dressing options, including glass tables (which are not covered with table cloths).

Table 1
Tables are draped with white flocked taffeta cloths, and each place setting is designated with a clear, glass underplate.  (The venue's white crockery, silver cutlery and clear wine glassed are to be used).  White serviettes, detailed with silver organza, are folded in silver serviette rings.

The creatively constructed centre piece, consists of a round mirror, upon which a 1.2 metre glass candelabra with hanging, light reflecting crystals, is placed.  The mirror is detailed with white rosebuds, informally placed thereupon.

Chairs are covered in white, and detailed with silver organza sashes.

Table 2
The table cloth and serviettes are as above, Table 1.  

Silver organza is artistically crumpled to form the base of the centre piece.  White rosebuds of varying lengths are placed in a clear, tall fluted vase - an unexpected, understated yet very elegant arrangement.  T-light candles in crystal containers are decoratively placed around the edges of the organza, which reflects subtle silver hues.

Chairs are dressed as above, Table 1.

Table 3
The table cloths, serviettes and chairs are as per Table 1. A silver organza runner is placed on the white flocked table cloth.  Silver underplates are placed at each individual setting, as are silver goblets.

A tall fluted vase with white rosebuds, as in Table 2, will be placed in the centre of the table, upon the silver runner.  In a circle, around the base of the vase, white rosebuds with a little greenery, will be arranged, beautifully enhancing the buds of varying lengths within the vase.

Table 4
Again, the table cloths, serviettes and chairs are dressed as Table 1.  Silver underplates are also at each setting.

The base of the centre piece is a round mirror, set with a 1.2 metre candelabra with hanging crystals.  The mirror's surface is softened and detailed with scattered glass beads and a few coloured, informally placed rosebuds.  The roses may be in a soft, subtle colour, such as peach, or more dramatic, such as red.

Table 5 - Glass Tables
Round, clear glass tables, without cloths, are set with silver underplates, and white serviettes detailed with silver organza in silver serviette rings.  The look is minimalistic modern.

Any of the centre piece arrangements described above can be used as glass table centre pieces.

Chairs covers are white and detailed with silver.
Mosaic, mirrored vases can also be incorporated in centre piece designs, for additional silver sparkle and stunning reflection of light.

Centrepieces as above...

Lounge/Chill Area

SA Event Décor offers an absolutely breathtaking design for this relaxed and relaxing area.

We erect a gazebo-like structure, which is draped entirely in white, with fairy lights twinkling through the soft folds of the drapes.  This is the welcoming setting for pure white couches, and a white coffee table, which can be lit from within.  A scattering of white stretch cocktail tables around the "gazebo",  adds additional space for a less formal chat and relaxation.

You and your welcome guests will have an evening, which will be long remembered, facilitated by SA Event Décor's creative talents - essentially elegant and sophisticated, Classic White.