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Gala Dinner | Black and Purple


This décor and colour scheme allows you to choose whether you wish to have all dining tables dressed identically, or in varying combinations of black and purple, giving you a repeat of  2 different tables in a most strikingly elegant and sophisticated setting.

Kindly also note that SA Event Décor would be happy to vary the décor described below, or to customise your gala dinner décor entirely, in consultation with you.

Pre Drinks Area 

The cocktail tables will be covered in black stretch fabric, up lit from within by par can lighting.  As an alternative, SA Event Décor can supply purple stretch covers, giving you half black and half purple cocktail tables.
In the middle of each table, a suitable centre piece, which enhances the black and purple concept, will be placed, with the addition of rose petals or a touch of greenery to soften the effect and add a splash of colour. 

A portion of the pre-dinner drinks area may optionally be set aside for photographs to be taken. A suitable backdrop will be provided.  A full bar can also be placed in the pre-drinks area, should you so choose.

Entrance Area

A draped entrance or a tunnel to the main area can be created using black and white/purple draping  fabrics, up lit from within, or with draped fairy lights to add silver sparkle.  The white draping in this arrangement would be lit with purple lights.  A subtly beaded curtain and small beaded trees enhance the twinkling entrance's elegance and provide depth to the guests' welcome.

Main Function Area

All the walls will be draped in long black, fire retardant treated material.  In front of this draping, SA Event Décor will artfully arrange sections of rich purple gathered draping, pulled together into softly gathered curtains, and tied with decorative  silver ropes and tassels.  Fairy lights draped across the ceiling may optionally be included.  

Tables and Chairs

The main tables will be dressed in black cloths, giving nuances and shades of black in the gently hanging folds, and/or in rich purple cloths, which also create different shades of light and darker purple.  

Tables draped in black will feature a purple runner across the diameter, and chairs are covered in black, with broad, rich purple sashes detailing chair backs, finished with a single rose in the sash knot.
Purple clothed tables will be dressed with black runners, and purple covered chair backs will have black sashes, and a rose, as before.  
This contrast ensures a striking stylish and elegant setting, creating an understated, intimate appearance.
Silver under plates highlight each place setting, with folded black serviettes in silver serviette rings, or detailed with ribbon, placed upon each under plate.  Silver table number stands, with inserts to be printed by the client, will be placed on each table.
Silver goblets accompanying the venue's wine glasses, add elegant sparkle.


As mentioned, table centres will have scrunched organza centrally positioned – this will form a base to anchor centre piece arrangements. 
A mosaic mirrored vase is positioned on the organza, adding an essential silver sparkle, which compliments the under plates, goblets and cutlery.  Within the vase, a tightly bunched arrangement of white roses is arranged.  A few taller, beaded and jeweled twigs sprout from within the roses, breaking uniformity and lending height to the centre piece, without hindering conversation across the table.

SA Event Décor has designed a large selection of additional centre piece arrangements, and will be happy to discuss these with you as alternatives and/or additions to the centre piece described above

Lounge/Chill Area