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Sterkinekor Smurfs Day 2011

posted 4 Jul 2011, 12:14 by André Dalen   [ updated 6 Jul 2011, 21:32 ]

"  29 June 2011

To all partners and alike relating to Global Smurfs Day – 25 June

Dear partner, 

By now we have all seen that Global Smurfs Day was an amazing success, both around the word and here in South Africa. The event could not have been possible without the generosity, support, help and partnership shown by the amazing group of people Ster-Kinekor Entertainment and Sony South Africa worked with.

We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you all.

Fourways High School for providing the venue and the fantastic support. I t was an absolute pleasure dealing with Jodi and her team at the school. 

94.7 Highveld Stereo for being more than just a media partner. Thank you for an amazing campaign and for providing DJ’s and entertainment. Natalie, thank you for the support on the day itself, you were tremendous. 

Airvolution Studio’s – Our Smurfs were by far the best-in-blue and we could not have done it without Charl Bubb and his team of professionals. What an achievement Charl, when the Adjudicator, Mr. Michael Whitty, rated your work as the best that he had seen on the day. 

SA Event Decor – The hall looked amazing. Thank you for the support staff and the many hours put in to ensure that everyone’s first impression of the hall was a lasting one. Christine, you ALWAYS deliver, and I am just grateful that I have friends such as yourselves. Please extend this note onto Chris and Johan, you guys are simply the best!

The Sony Partners for their fantastic contribution to making Global Smurfs Day South Africa the very best it could be. A MASSIVE Thank You to Bostik, McDonalds, Ubisoft, Sterkinekor Theatres, Nu Metro Theatres, SK Popz, Premier Foods, Mini Mag, Nat Geo Kids, Prima Toys, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Idea Fruits and My School Card.

Thank you to Ronald McDonald for all his energy and fun antics.

Jay Kay Pro for the equipment they provided and their music and fun. Sir, thank you for not just bringing in the sound, but also the atmosphere and the awesome vibe!

Milky Lane, Monte casino – Naz, the cake looked spectacular, and apparently it tasted even better. Please let Yusuf know as well that we appreciate your support, always. 

Copper Monkey, Charlie, yet again, you arrive when we needed you the most! Your contribution was invaluable. 

Alerting the Media! For inviting, and taking care of, all the press and VIP related issues on the day along with the countless hours they spent in making the event a day to remember. 

Thank you to all our Smurf Volunteers for giving up their time on a freezing Saturday to assist with anything that was asked of them at the event.

Our officials, Ivonne Bushney and Julian Wilson, who assisted in the getting the numbers right along with our adjudicator Mr. Michael Whitty.

Go Branding – Grahame, please extend our gratitude to your ENTIRE team. They all made the step up when it was most needed, and it was clear that your presence meant a great deal to us all. 

Bradley Poultney, from RSS Security for his time and effort in ensuring that we secured JOC approval for GSD.  Your contribution to this day will be remembered Brad! 

It was indeed an honour to work with all of you and we look forward to many more successful events in partnership with you in the future.  "

Bashan Govindarajulu
Sony Pictures Marketing Manager | Ster Kinekor Entertainment

A Golf Day success

posted 7 Jul 2008, 05:17 by Saed Admin

Dear Chris,

We would like to thank you for all your efforts to make our Golf Day a success. Thank you for your professional approach to the whole event.

The golf director of the Randpark Golf Course personally came up to me and complimented the evening event. He said “we have had many events at this golf club but the hall has never looked so beautiful.” He didn’t know that the hall could look that magnificent.

Thanks once again it is such a pleasure doing business with you.

Kind regards,

Thereza Nothnagel

Creative Manager - Trading & Function Coordinator

Dawn Marketing & Design

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